How to make the perfect Toffee Vodka

1st February 2016

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Toffee vodka became the drink of choice on the Ski Line end of season ski trip when around 100 of our clients join Ski Line on a ski short break for 4 or days skiing towards the end of the season. We love the warming feeling as the sweet vodka goes down.
How to make the perfect Toffee VodkaIt’s easy to make and you can buy all the ingredients at the airport on your way to your skiing holiday and make it in about 5 minutes once you arrive at your ski chalet.

All you need is a bottle of Vodka and large package of Werther’s Original toffee’s and a dish washer!

DIY Toffee Vodka

Five simple steps to make the best toffee vodka

  • Firstly remove a good glass of vodka from the bottle to make room for the Werther’s original toffees you’re going to add to it.
  • Break up the toffee, you ask your chalet host to do this for you in the Chalets liquidiser. They are normally only too pleased to help, particularly if you plan to share!
  • Add the toffee to the bottle and screw the lid on tightly, the more toffee you add the sweeter the mix will be. We generally use all of a large packet when making ours.
  • Now place the bottle in the dish washer when it’s next switched on. You may need to do two cycles if not all of the toffee is dissolved on the first wash. The heat will dissolve the toffee to make the perfect mix.
  • Allow to cool and put in the fridge, and you are ready to go.

Also try sherbet lemon vodka, Mars bar vodka and Pear drop vodka by replacing the Werther’s and following the above methods.

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