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Ski Holidays in Meribel

Meribel holds a prominent position as the crown jewel of the magnificent Three Valleys ski area, making it an irresistible choice for UK skiers seeking a memorable ski holiday in France. The resort's natural charm is palpable, emanating from its opulent chalets, vibrant après-ski ambience, and expansive range of slopes and off-piste areas that cater to both beginners and seasoned experts. With its unmatched allure, Meribel promises an unforgettable skiing adventure for all.

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Why Ski in Meribel?

We are thrilled to announce that Meribel has introduced two exciting new red runs for the 2018/2019 season, adding to the already remarkable ski experience. The first red run can be found in the Charferie Sector, skillfully designed to optimize the utilization of the newly constructed lifts from the previous summer. This thoughtful arrangement aims to enhance the skier flow by diverting them away from the congested routes, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable skiing experience. The second red run awaits beneath the Olympic Express chair, accessible from the La Face run.

Meribel Ski Resort Chair lift
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Meribel Ski Resort France
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Meribel Ski Resort
Meribel Piste Map
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  • Weekly Snowfall
10.1 cm
37.8 cm
76.2 cm
88.9 cm
94.8 cm
110.1 cm
121.4 cm
132.9 cm
144.0 cm
151.2 cm
156.6 cm
157.9 cm
161.7 cm
174.8 cm
180.5 cm
177.2 cm
182.9 cm
186.6 cm
184.2 cm
177.7 cm
3.8 cm
13.3 cm
26.8 cm
32.3 cm
35.2 cm
46.4 cm
49.5 cm
59.2 cm
70.3 cm
72.1 cm
74.9 cm
75.1 cm
75.4 cm
78.2 cm
75.3 cm
63.3 cm
54.4 cm
44.7 cm
34.9 cm
23.7 cm
21.8 cm
66.4 cm
100.4 cm
126.3 cm
77.5 cm
104.7 cm
134.5 cm
139.0 cm
161.7 cm
102.4 cm
99.5 cm
84.5 cm
79.9 cm
106.8 cm
112.6 cm
90.4 cm
81.5 cm
74.8 cm
94.8 cm
52.9 cm
0 cm
100 cm
200 cm
300 cm
400 cm

Based on weekly average snowfall data November 2000 - April 2018


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Beginner Skiing In Meribel

The skiing experience around Altiport is truly magnificent, especially for beginners seeking gentle and welcoming green runs. These slopes are perfect for timid first-time skiers, providing a nurturing environment where they can quickly build confidence. Accessing the area is hassle-free for beginners, and a specialized lift pass covering three lifts is available, along with a small nursery slope located at the top of the village near Rond Point. These facilities offer ample opportunities for newcomers to immerse themselves in the joys of skiing.

Intermediate Skiing In Meribel

Meribel, without a doubt, is a paradise for intermediate skiers and snowboarders, offering an endless selection of runs within the resort as well as the opportunity to explore the slopes of Val Thorens and Courchevel 1650. The blue runs in the Belleville Valley are particularly noteworthy and worth exploring. As your skills and confidence progress, you might consider venturing onto some of the red runs in the valley. Following fresh snowfall, it is advisable to head to the sunnier side in the afternoon to make the most of optimal conditions before the crowds arrive and the snow is exposed to the sun. Among the enjoyable runs, the upper slopes boast gems like Mouflon, Alouette, Combe Tougnète, and Mont Vallon, to name a few.

Advanced Skiing In Meribel

The sheer vastness of Meribel’s ski area, combined with the extensive 3 Valleys, guarantees that even the most avid piste enthusiasts will stay occupied throughout the week. From steep blacks to lengthy reds, the presence of fast and efficient ski lifts further enhances the appeal of the Meribel ski area for advanced skiers. La Face, known as the venue for the Women’s Downhill event in 1992, is a must-try slope for those seeking a thrilling challenge. Ecuriel, another black run, stretches from the top of Tougnète to nearly the mid-station. This marvellous piste, particularly delightful after a fresh layer of morning powder, is never groomed, offering a unique experience. Of course, there are plenty more exhilarating options to choose from, ensuring an unforgettable skiing adventure.

Ski Chalets In Meribel

Ski Line provides accommodation in an impressive selection chalets in Meribel. Our range of catered ski chalets includes options that are particularly well-suited for families. These chalets offer in-house crèches with British staff members who provide comprehensive childcare services throughout the day. For children attending Ski Schools, we also offer drop-off and pick-up services, as well as morning or afternoon care.

The Meribel ski chalets offered by Ski Line come in various sizes, from cosy chalets accommodating as few as 4 people to spacious chalet hotels that can host groups of up to 69 people.

Our chalets in Meribel span a wide range, from super luxury accommodations to great value options, and everything in between. Our value-for-money chalets are an excellent choice for ski groups who are mindful of their holiday costs. Additionally, we offer attractive deals for group chalet bookings, with some promotions allowing 1 in 4 guests to stay for free. Be sure to speak with our staff to explore these opportunities.

Meribel is truly a village of ski chalets, and the location of your chalet is entirely up to you, given the multitude of options available. Undoubtedly, the most popular area for booking a ski chalet in Meribel is near the Chaudanne ski lifts, which serve as the primary departure point. However, an increasing number of our guests are opting to book ski chalets in the “Rond Point area.” This area is known for its vibrant après ski scene, particularly since the opening of the Follie Douce après ski bar a few years ago.

When you choose to find your ski chalet in Meribel, rest assured that we search the entire market to provide you with a wide selection of options, rather than limiting you to a restricted range.

Ski Hotels In Meribel

Ski Line has carefully selected a collection of outstanding hotels in Meribel, offering excellent value for money and catering to a wide range of preferences. With options ranging from 3 to 5 stars, we ensure there is something to suit every one of our clients. Among our recommendations, we highly endorse the renowned and ideally situated chalet hotel Les Grangettes. It boasts a nearly ski-in ski-out location and arguably holds the best position in the resort, making it an incredibly popular choice among our valued clients.

Ski Apartments In Meribel

Ski Line is delighted to provide a diverse selection of self-catered apartments throughout various areas of Meribel Centre, with many offering convenient ski-in ski-out access. These apartments are tastefully furnished, ensuring comfort and satisfaction, and their ratings range from 3 to 5 stars, reflecting their high quality and appeal.

Snowboarding In Meribel

Meribel offers a paradise of slopes for both snowboarders and free riders, ensuring endless opportunities in this vast interconnected ski resort. The abundance of off-piste terrain within Meribel itself is impressive, but it’s important not to overlook the exhilarating off-piste challenges found in neighbouring sister resorts. Make sure to explore the powder bowl near the Mont Vallon bubble – an experience that should not be missed!

For freestylers, Moon Park is a haven of excitement. This primary snow park is meticulously maintained and equipped with a variety of lifts, rails, and more, catering to all skill levels. Additionally, there is a second snow park with a fantastic mini boardercross section, two halfpipes, and a delightful snow park designed specifically for children. Exploring these options will undoubtedly enhance your snowboarding experience.

Keep in mind that Meribel can become extremely busy during half-term holidays, so it’s advisable to set your alarm for an early start and beat the tiresome queues. This way, you can make the most of your time on the slopes without any unnecessary delays.

Off Piste Skiing In Meribel

Before delving into the off-piste options in Meribel, it’s crucial to remember the following important guidelines: always carry avalanche gear and be proficient in using it. Before heading out, check the snow conditions, and if you have any doubts about the safety of a specific slope, it’s best to postpone your adventure for another day. The safest approach, of course, is to hire a guide who can provide expert guidance and support.

That being said, once you feel confident that you have taken the necessary precautions, there are some noteworthy off-piste runs to consider. One such option is the Roc de Fer to St Martin route, which can be accessed from the top of the Olympic Chair. This exhilarating descent encompasses 600 meters of wide powder snow fields, making it an absolute dream for off-piste enthusiasts. For those seeking a deep and steep challenge, look no further than Cairn. Take the Les Plattieres Gondola chair and drop off from the Mouflon Piste – be prepared for a slightly heart-stopping experience as you navigate a steep couloir that maintains its gradient for a significant portion of the descent. These are just two examples from a plethora of choices available, so happy hunting as you explore the vast off-piste terrain in Meribel!



Meribel, undoubtedly one of the UK’s favourite French ski resorts, has fostered a lasting love affair that began when British skier Peter Lindsay founded the resort in 1938. Nestled at the heart of the expansive Three Valleys (Les Trois Vallees) ski region, one of the world’s largest interconnected ski areas, Meribel exudes a friendly village ambience. Its picturesque wooded surroundings and charming chalet-style buildings make it an irresistible destination.

The resort itself comprises three distinct areas. The first is Meribel Centre, a vibrant section teeming with excellent nightlife, a wide array of restaurants, and bustling bars. Meribel Village follows, situated approximately 3km away, offering a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere with fewer dining and drinking options. Finally, Meribel Mottaret, also approximately 3km away, stands as the highest altitude base point. This area primarily consists of apartments, with a few hotels and occasional chalets.

If you prefer the allure of non-purpose-built resorts, Meribel is the ideal ski destination for you. Its natural charm is a key factor in its prominent position on numerous lists of the most popular ski resorts. Meribel boasts a plentiful selection of chalets, gracefully dispersed across the valley from the top of the resort, known as Rond Point, to the lower region named Chaudanne.

At Ski Line, we cater to all preferences and budgets with our diverse range of chalets, ranging from modestly priced options to the utmost luxury featured in our Super Luxury ski chalets collection. Well-regarded ski hotels are predominantly located near the primary lift departure points at Rond Point and Chaudanne. Additionally, we offer numerous privately owned ski apartments tailored to suit various budgets.

While few chalets can claim true ski-in ski-out access, those that do come with a higher price tag. For chalets situated away from the slopes, guests can take advantage of the excellent public bus services connecting to all lifts. Many of our chalet operators also provide private minibus services for convenient transportation to and from the slopes.

Childcare In Meribel

The ESF (Ecole du Ski Francais) operates a childcare facility in the resort, ensuring that your children can enjoy outdoor play in good weather or engage in indoor activities during inclement conditions. Additionally, you have the option to hire a private nanny from the various reputable companies available in Meribel.

For recreational activities, the Olympic Centre boasts a delightful pool and a bowling alley, providing additional entertainment options for the whole family. Furthermore, while on the slopes, you can partake in exciting adventures such as Husky Sledding, Ballooning, and snowmobiling, among other thrilling activities.

Restaurants In Meribel

From casual family-friendly pizza joints to exquisite haute cuisine, Meribel offers a diverse range of dining options to suit all tastes. Interestingly, this French resort stands out by boasting an Indian restaurant, catering to its predominantly British clientele who have a fondness for a delightful curry, especially after an exhilarating day on the slopes. Below, we highlight some popular dining establishments both on and off the mountain but rest assured, there are numerous other options available.

Restaurants on the Mountain

Les Crêtes: Located at Cherferie, the top of the Tougnete lift, Les Crêtes has earned a well-deserved reputation for serving delicious traditional fare. Their menu features mouthwatering dishes like steak frites, charcuterie, omelettes, croquet, and tartiflette. The friendly and composed staff create a welcoming atmosphere, making it a favourite among visitors. However, due to its popularity, the restaurant can get quite busy, so it’s advisable to make reservations in advance. Les Crêtes is the type of place that is so easy and hassle-free that you may find yourself returning several times during your holiday.

Restaurant le Grand Lac aux Menuires: Situated near the Grand Lac chairlift, this restaurant offers a spacious interior adorned with wood beams and a cosy open fire at its centre. There’s ample seating available, and on sunny days, the large outdoor terrace is particularly popular. The menu features superb soups, hearty salads, and delectable pasta dishes, all competitively priced. For those seeking a more substantial meal, they also serve steak and fish dishes accompanied by the ubiquitous Frites, albeit at slightly higher prices. Customers often praise the efficient and friendly service provided here.

Restaurants off the Mountain

L’Arbe: L’Arbe holds the distinction of being the oldest restaurant in the village and is conveniently located right next to the bus stop, making it easily accessible from the slopes. It offers good food at reasonable prices, making it an attractive option for families with children. The restaurant offers a fixed-price menu specifically for young diners, with two dishes available at a very reasonable cost of €10 per child. Additionally, there is an extremely competitive three-course menu (including wine!) priced at €30.00 for adults. This represents an exceptional deal for Meribel.

Le Rastro: Found in front of the cable car Plattieres Meribel-Mottaret, Le Rastro is a popular eatery open from 9 am until 1.30am. It serves as the perfect spot to grab a pre-ski coffee before heading up the mountain. It’s also an excellent choice for lunch, catering to both adults and children. In the evening, Le Rastro transitions into Après Ski mode, featuring live music, DJs, and themed evenings.

Vegetarians/Vegans and Special Dietary Requirements

For those following a vegetarian or vegan diet, or individuals with specific dietary requirements, it’s worth noting that Meribel, like many ski resorts in France, is gradually adapting to this trend. Most restaurants offer vegetarian-friendly meals, and some may even have vegan options available (although cheese dishes, which are famous in the Savoie region, may not always be included). We recommend contacting the restaurants in advance to inquire about adaptations for non-meat and plant-based diners, as well as their ability to cater to special dietary requirements or allergies. Additionally, the rapidly growing Huski delivery service is an option, delivering oven-ready meals to your doorstep. They offer a good selection of vegetarian and vegan choices. Bon appétit!

Après Ski In Meribel

Meribel’s après scene is often described as lively, and the perfect starting point for your post-ski activities is the famous La Folie Douce.

Don’t let the youthful clientele discourage you, as this après bar caters to a more mature crowd as well. It is located at the mid-station of La Saulire. The resort centre comes alive with activity, particularly at the British-run bars, many of which are clustered around the Rond Point. These establishments are typically bustling with partygoers, many of whom later gather at Jack’s Bar to enjoy stand-up comedy, live music, and various drink specials.

For night owls and seasoned après skiers, there are plenty of enticing options. O’Sullivans, formerly known as the renowned Dick’s Tea Bar, is located just outside Meribel’s town centre. This bar has everything you could possibly desire for an Alpine celebration and remains open until the early hours of the morning, from 12:30 am to 5 am.

Accommodation in Meribel

We have 100 properties available in Meribel. If you're hunting for your accommodation by name, then you'll find it here, or for availability and prices select 'Search Holidays'.