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Ski Holidays St Moritz
Ski holidays St Moritz

Ski Holidays in St Moritz

St Moritz is glitzy, upmarket and fashionable and above all, a place to be seen! St Moritz is so much more than just a very good ski resort! It’s home to the world famous ice skeleton racing toboggan track the Cresta Run which is 1.2km long, which if you are brave or mad enough and have around £425, you can have 5 goes on. Certainly, worth a look while you visit St Moritz. There is also a good chance of seeing a game of Polo which is often played on the iced over lake, and even the odd game of cricket happens here. St Moritz has long had a reputation for being an upmarket town. You will see lots of ladies in fur coats walking pocket sized dogs around the frozen lake. You can even spot fur ski jackets on the slopes too! The skiing in St Moritz is suited to all but complete beginners, although if you book yourself into the Club Med hotel here your lessons and just about everything else is included in the price of your holiday. We particularly recommend Club Med here for families. For intermediate and advanced skiers St Moritz is a great choice for a skiing holiday. The scenery is outstanding although some of the buildings can be a bit block-like. The accommodation is spread out over 3 distinct areas. St Moritz Bad is the upscale area with shops offering luxury good, St Moritz Dort is where you will find better value accommodation including Club Med’s hotel and finally Celeina which located away from the lake, all have access to the skiing.

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