Is Nature trying to telling us good snow on the way?

6th November 2015

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Its been widely reported that this winters El Neno is expected to be the the strongest since records began and its effect on weather in the northern hemisphere could be dramatic.
Blue Gengian flower Perhaps nature is confirming this when the alpine medows are covererd with the tiny Blue Gengian flower summer blooming, when the medows turn blue in summer locals believe we are in for a long hard winter, apparently this summer was a great bloom year for this tiny plant right across the Alps.

Another indeicater could be the early arrival of the Bewick swan is leaving its Russian summer breading area so early. The Russians have a saying “The swan brings snow on its bill”

“The swan brings snow on its bill”

The earliest recorded autumn arrival of a migratory Bewick swan at Slimbridge nature reserve has added to speculation that Northern Europe is in for a long, cold winter. The last time the swans arrived this early was in 1963, if you are old enough to remember that winter you will know snow arrived the day after Christmas and stayed throughout January when averaged temperate for the whole month never got above -2 degrees and then 36 snow storm arrived in February producing 20 foot snow drifts across much of the UK.

Conservationists at the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust (WWT) Slimbridge Wetland Centre said the arrival of the first Bewick’s swan from Russia for the winter two weeks ago was the earliest since a study of the species began there more than 50 years ago.
And a strong “El Nino” climate phenomenon taking place in the Pacific, which can affect the weather around the world, could spell a colder and wetter than usual winter in northern Europe. Which in the mountains means more snow that lasts longer.

Last winter’s early snow in ski resorts across Europe didn’t really arrived until New Year week so skiers who booked for an early, didn’t have the best conditions, so it’s not very surprising that sales in December and over Christmas week this year are down, so down that if you fancy getting away this December, you could pick up a real bargain, you can bet as soon as the first snow falls demand and prices will rise quickly.  Our M.D. Angus has just booked his family Christmas ski holiday to Serre Chevalier he’s so sure that the snow will arrive and prices have never been so cheap he thinks he’s got a real bargain.

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