Top Resorts for Snowboarding In Italy

27th July 2023

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Top Resorts for Snowboarding In Italy

Welcome to our guide to the top resorts for snowboarding in Italy. Prepare to unveil the well-guarded secrets of an unparalleled snowboarding odyssey as you discover the bespoke ski resorts meticulously tailored to cater to snowboarders’ dreams in the enchanting realm of Italy! While a harmonious blend of diverse terrain and state-of-the-art lifts is the key to an unforgettable slope experience, the thrills don’t end there. Seasoned riders yearn for heart-pounding adventures on off-piste terrains, seeking the purest snow conditions to satiate their insatiable appetite for adrenaline. Italy, with its mesmerizing landscapes, stands proud with a profusion of snowboarding havens that embrace riders of all calibres. Whether you’re a rookie, gingerly taking your first steps on a snowboard, or a seasoned pro, eager to conquer the most formidable slopes, rest assured, there’s an idyllic haven waiting to embrace your journey.

Guided by the wisdom of our seasoned experts, we present to you an indispensable guide, a compass to navigate the ethereal realm of the best snowboarding experiences Italy has to offer. You’re on the cusp of embarking on an extraordinary quest, gliding down slopes blanketed in snow, as you absorb the breath-taking vistas of Italy’s winter wonderland. Unlock the secrets of mastering your technique, refine your moves, and set your sights on adrenaline-infused thrills like never before. Your quest for the ultimate snowboarding experience in Italy shall be fulfilled as our guide unveils the most remarkable destinations, tailored to your aspirations. So brace yourself, immerse in the sheer exhilaration of the ride, and let this guide be your unwavering companion, revealing Italy’s most coveted snowboarding gems, destined to etch unforgettable memories in the very core of your snowboarding heart!

Sauze d’Oulx

Sauze d’Oulx

Welcome to the enchanting winter wonderland of Sauze d’Oulx, a charming Italian retreat renowned for its unparalleled snowboarding opportunities. Nestled in the picturesque Piedmont region of the Italian Alps, this idyllic destination forms a part of the prestigious Milky Way ski area, boasting a vast network of slopes designed to cater to snowboarders of all levels.

Snowboarders from near and far flock to Sauze d’Oulx for its diverse terrain, which embraces gentle slopes for beginners and exhilarating runs for advanced riders. For those embarking on their snowboarding journey, fear not, as the resort offers excellent nursery slopes and dedicated areas, ensuring you can build your skills and confidence with ease. Meanwhile, intermediate and advanced riders can revel in a treasure trove of thrilling red and black runs, inviting you to carve your way through the awe-inspiring alpine landscapes.

Yet, there’s even more excitement to be found—free riders will find their haven in Sauze d’Oulx as well. The ski area opens up a realm of off-piste possibilities, enticing adventurers to explore untouched powder fields and pristine stashes of powder. With the expert guidance of local mountain guides, venture into the backcountry to uncover hidden gems of freeride terrain that lie beyond the marked trails.

Sauze d’Oulx embraces visitors with its warm and welcoming atmosphere, adding to its undeniable appeal. The charming village exudes authentic Italian charm, with quaint streets adorned with cosy restaurants, bars, and shops. After a thrilling day on the slopes, indulge in the delightful offerings of Italian cuisine and après-ski delights, savouring the unique pleasures of the alpine retreat.

Easily accessible from major cities like Turin, Sauze d’Oulx has become a sought-after destination for both domestic and international snowboarders seeking a winter adventure. And to enhance your experience, the resort boasts a modern lift infrastructure that ensures seamless transportation across the ski area, maximizing your time on the slopes and minimizing any fuss.

So, whether you’re a budding beginner eager to take your first turns or an experienced free rider in pursuit of new challenges, Sauze d’Oulx promises an unforgettable snowboarding experience that celebrates the joy and beauty of the alpine world. Strap on your snowboard, embrace the snowy slopes, and let Sauze d’Oulx enchant you with its winter magic—a destination that beckons with snowboarding dreams waiting to be fulfilled.




Step into the enchanting world of Gressoney—an idyllic Italian winter retreat nestled amidst the awe-inspiring Alps, beckoning snowboarders to indulge in unforgettable weekend getaways. This picturesque resort boasts a strategic advantage, boasting a short transfer time from Turin, ensuring that your snowboarding adventures take centre stage without wasting precious time on the road.

In Gressoney, a snowy paradise unfolds, offering a wondrous playground for every snowboarder’s aspirations, spanning an impressive 180 kilometres of slopes. Whether you’re a novice, taking your first turns with excitement, or an expert seeking daring challenges, the diverse terrain caters to every level of ability, creating an inclusive and thrilling snowboarding experience for all.

For those with an adventurous spirit, Gressoney unveils a hidden treasure—a wealth of excellent off-piste opportunities that call out to the daring souls. Venture into the backcountry, where untouched powder fields and unexplored trails beckon, presenting a freeride adventure like no other, surrounded by the untouched beauty of the natural landscape.

Embrace the thrill of carving through freshly fallen snow as the alpine panorama unveils its breathtaking beauty at every turn. The resort’s high altitude and impressive snow history ensure a winter wonderland that enchants with pristine powder, gifting you with a snowboarding haven that lasts for much of the season.

Beyond the slopes, Gressoney’s allure extends to the charming alpine villages, where the essence of Italian hospitality shines bright. Delight in the delectable local cuisine, explore the quaint streets and find solace in mountain lodges that offer a warm and welcoming retreat after exhilarating days on the snow.

With a full lift pass in hand, a winter playground of endless possibilities awaits you. Glide down the slopes, embraced by stunning mountain vistas, as you bask in the sheer joy of snowboarding amidst this awe-inspiring backdrop.

So, fellow snowboarder, seize this opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchantment of Gressoney. With its ideal location, diverse terrain, and thrilling freeride offerings, it promises an unforgettable snowboarding escape that will leave you yearning for more. Pack your gear, embrace the thrill, and allow Gressoney to weave its magical spell, as you carve your way into an extraordinary weekend filled with unforgettable snowboarding memories.




Welcome to the captivating snowboarding paradise of Corvara, a charming village nestled in the heart of the Dolomites—a true haven for winter enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable alpine adventure. Corvara, situated in the Alta Badia region of Italy, boasts an exceptional ski area that caters to snowboarders of all levels, making it an ideal destination for riders seeking a blend of thrilling slopes, stunning vistas, and genuine alpine charm.

Prepare to be enchanted by Corvara’s extensive ski area, part of the vast Dolomiti Superski, offering access to a mind-boggling 1,200 kilometres of interconnected slopes—an absolute delight for any snowboarder. Whether you’re a beginner eager to master the basics or an advanced rider seeking technical challenges, Corvara’s varied terrain has something for everyone, setting the stage for an unparalleled snowboarding experience that will leave you breathless.

For those taking their first turns, Corvara’s gentle nursery slopes and easy blues provide a supportive environment to build skills and confidence. As you progress, intermediate and advanced riders will revel in the array of red and black runs, each turn offering a delightful dance of grace and adrenaline against the backdrop of the majestic Dolomites.

The thrill continues beyond the marked trails, as Corvara offers ample opportunities for freeride exploration. With the assistance of local mountain guides, you can venture into the backcountry to uncover hidden powder stashes and pristine slopes, savouring the serenity of untouched snow and the thrill of uncharted territories.

Corvara’s enchanting village ambience complements its snowy splendour, providing a perfect blend of mountain adventure and genuine Italian hospitality. After an exhilarating day on the slopes, immerse yourself in the cosy atmosphere of alpine lodges, indulge in delectable local cuisine, and savour the warmth of a fireside chat with friends and fellow snowboarders.

As the sun sets on the Dolomites, Corvara’s lively après-ski scene comes alive, inviting you to unwind, celebrate, and share the joys of a day well-spent carving through pristine snow.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a snowboarding novice, Corvara promises an extraordinary winter retreat that celebrates the art of snowboarding amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Dolomites. So, pack your gear, embrace the snowy slopes, and let Corvara capture your heart—a destination that beckons with snowboarding dreams waiting to be fulfilled in the embrace of the Italian Alps.




Welcome to the mesmerizing snowboarding paradise of Livigno, a true gem nestled in the breathtaking embrace of the Italian Alps—a destination where winter magic comes alive, and every snowboarder’s dream finds its realization on exceptional slopes. Livigno proudly stakes its claim as one of Italy’s finest snowboarding destinations, and once you set foot in this winter wonderland, it’s not hard to see why.

Prepare to be captivated by an extensive 115 kilometres of slopes that cater to snowboarders of all levels, making Livigno an ideal choice for families and mixed groups seeking a diverse and inclusive snowboarding experience. Whether you’re a beginner, eagerly carving your first turns, or an expert, seeking adrenaline-pumping challenges, Livigno’s varied terrain offers a delightful feast for every snowboarder’s appetite.

Freestylers and free riders, rejoice! In the Mottolino area, your haven awaits, where awe-inspiring terrain parks and enticing off-piste opportunities beckon, inviting you to unleash your passion for gravity-defying tricks and untamed powder pursuits. Embrace the thrill as you perfect your artistry amidst breathtaking alpine vistas, painting unforgettable memories on a playground designed to inspire freestyle brilliance.

But Livigno doesn’t stop at the slopes. This winter wonderland pulsates with vibrant energy, earning its reputation as one of Italy’s most lively winter destinations. As the sun sets, the resort comes alive with an après-ski scene that will leave you enthralled. Superb bars, inviting restaurants, and a plethora of off-slope activities await, inviting you to immerse yourself in the warmth of charming Italian hospitality, indulging in delightful culinary delights and savouring the joy of vibrant winter camaraderie.

Livigno’s allure extends far beyond the snow-capped slopes, creating an enchanting winter haven that captures the very essence of alpine enchantment. Whether you’re carving the slopes with your family, venturing into off-piste realms, or showcasing your freestyle prowess, Livigno promises an unforgettable winter escape that celebrates the art of snowboarding.

So, fellow snowboarders, heed the call of Livigno—a destination that beckons with exceptional slopes, a welcoming ambience, and a lively après-ski scene. Pack your gear, embrace the thrill, and let Livigno unfold its winter magic as you carve your way into an extraordinary adventure amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Italian Alps. Embrace the snowy slopes, breathe in the crisp alpine air, and immerse yourself in an unforgettable snowboarding journey that will linger in your heart long after the snow has melted.




Welcome to the captivating world of Cervinia—a snowboarding haven that promises breathtaking views of the iconic Matterhorn, setting the stage for an extraordinary winter adventure amidst the majestic Italian Alps. As you step into this alpine gem, you’ll soon discover why Cervinia stands tall among the best resorts for snowboarding in Italy.

Cervinia unveils an extensive 160 kilometres of slopes, all accessible with a full lift pass, offering a diverse playground for snowboarders of every level. For beginners eager to carve their maiden trails, Cervinia presents a supportive environment, with gentle blues and thrilling reds that provide the perfect canvas to learn and progress with confidence.

But the allure of Cervinia doesn’t stop there—more advanced snowboarders will find their thrill amidst the off-piste terrain, where untamed powder fields and pristine slopes await. Embark on a freeride adventure that immerses you in the unspoiled beauty of the backcountry, as you carve your way through this winter wonderland.

Off the slopes, Cervinia continues to enchant with its vibrant après-ski scene. Lively bars beckon, inviting you to celebrate an exhilarating day on the mountain with friends and fellow snowboarders. And when it comes to dining, prepare to indulge in a gourmet journey of Italian cuisine at welcoming restaurants that cater to your culinary desires.

Beyond the snow-capped peaks, Cervinia’s charm extends to every corner of the resort, creating an enchanting ambience that blends alpine beauty with warm Italian hospitality. Whether you’re carving the slopes, exploring off-piste treasures, or savouring delectable gourmet delights, Cervinia promises an unforgettable winter escape that celebrates the very essence of snowboarding.

So, fellow snowboarder, seize the opportunity to bask in the grandeur of the Matterhorn, to carve your way into snowy vistas, and to immerse yourself in an alpine adventure that will leave you yearning for more. Pack your gear, embrace the thrill, and let Cervinia weave its magic as you glide through an extraordinary winter journey, both on and off the slopes—a destination where snowboarding dreams come true amidst the splendour of the Italian Alps.




Welcome to the enchanting realm of Arabba, a hidden gem nestled in the southeast section of the Sellaronda, where snowboarding dreams come alive amidst a seamless connection of slopes to neighbouring ski resorts such as Val Gardena, Alta Badia, and Val di Fassa. This strategic location grants you access to a winter wonderland that promises endless exploration and thrilling adventures.

The ski resort of Arabba itself beckons with 63 kilometres of pistes, inviting intermediate snowboarders to revel in a playground tailored to their riding finesse. Glide effortlessly through the stunning alpine landscape, and with each turn, reveal the beauty of this mountainous paradise.

For the freestyle enthusiasts yearning to elevate their snowboarding prowess, Arabba unveils a snow park, where rails and jumps await to challenge your skills and ignite your creativity. Embrace the thrill of catching air and perfecting your tricks amidst breathtaking mountain vistas, as the snow park becomes your canvas for freestyle brilliance.

Although Arabba may be considered small in size, it captivates with its intimate and charming mountain-village feel. Here, a sense of warmth and hospitality embraces you, making every moment on and off the slopes a delightful escape from the ordinary.

Arabba’s allure extends beyond its slopes, as the resort’s picturesque surroundings offer a mesmerizing setting for unforgettable winter escapades. Explore the quaint mountain village, savour delectable local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the authentic charm that only a destination like Arabba can provide.

So, fellow snowboarders, seize the opportunity to discover Arabba—a place where slopes seamlessly connect and where the thrill of snowboarding is complemented by the embrace of a charming mountain village. Pack your gear, embrace the winter magic, and let Arabba weave its spell on your heart—a destination that promises an extraordinary snowboarding adventure amidst the awe-inspiring splendour of the Sellaronda. Get ready to carve your way into a world of snowy enchantment and let Arabba be the canvas for unforgettable snowboarding memories.




Welcome to the captivating snowboarding paradise of Cortina, nestled amidst the stunning Italian Dolomites—a destination that promises an unforgettable winter adventure for riders of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro seeking thrilling challenges or a snowboarding novice eager to carve your first turns, Cortina’s diverse terrain ensures that every snowboarder’s dreams come true.

Carving enthusiasts will be delighted by Cortina’s fantastic access to the renowned Sellaronda circuit—a vast interconnected network of slopes that winds through the majestic Dolomites. With a full lift pass at your disposal, you can explore a staggering 120 kilometres of pistes, treating yourself to endless days of snowboarding delights in this winter wonderland.

The crown jewel for snowboarders in Cortina is the Tofana ski area, easily accessible via a convenient cable car ride. Here, the heart of snowboarding awaits, offering a plethora of challenging runs and pristine powder stashes to ignite your carving finesse and fuel your passion for mountain adventure.

Freestylers and free-riders alike will find their haven in Cortina, as the resort caters to their every desire. The Tofana area’s diverse terrain becomes a playground for freestyle brilliance and freeride exploration, inviting riders to immerse themselves in the art of snowboarding amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Dolomites.

For adrenaline seekers, Cortina boasts a small yet enticing snow park, a haven of rails, kickers, and jumps that will challenge your skills and inspire your freestyle prowess. Beginners need not fret, as gentle slopes offer the perfect foundation for learning and progressing with confidence.

Beyond the slopes, Cortina enchants with its alpine charm and vibrant atmosphere. Explore the quaint mountain village, indulge in delectable Italian cuisine, and bask in the warmth of après-ski delights at welcoming bars and restaurants.

So, fellow snowboarders, embrace the call of Cortina—a destination that celebrates snowboarding excellence amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of the Italian Dolomites. Prepare for an extraordinary winter escape that caters to every riding level, creating unforgettable memories amidst the alpine splendour. Whether you’re carving the slopes, exploring the freeride treasures, or perfecting your freestyle artistry, Cortina promises a snowboarding adventure that will leave you yearning for more—a journey where the spirit of snowboarding comes alive amidst the majestic Italian mountains.




Welcome to the captivating snowboarding wonderland of Sestriere, a destination that effortlessly caters to riders of all levels, promising an extraordinary winter adventure amidst the breathtaking splendour of the iconic Dolomites. Prepare to be captivated by the sheer beauty and thrill that awaits you as you embark on a snowboarding journey that knows no bounds.

Whether you’re a seasoned snowboarder seeking new challenges or a beginner eager to carve your first turns, Sestriere unfolds a diverse playground that will leave you awe-inspired. From gentle slopes perfect for honing your skills to exhilarating terrains that push your riding prowess, Sestriere ensures that every snowboarder’s dreams come alive.

Venture forth into the renowned Milky Way region, where 400 kilometres of slopes beckon, inviting you to carve your way through a winter paradise like no other. Here, snowboarding takes on a new dimension, embracing you in an enchanting world where alpine splendour meets thrilling descents.

Sestriere’s strategic location opens up a world of possibilities, with excellent links to neighbouring ski resorts like Sauze d’Oulx and Montgenèvre across the French border. Explore even more exhilarating terrain, as seamless connections enhance your snowboarding playground.

For the free riders at heart, Sestriere offers a powder paradise, where untouched snow invites you to plunge into the backcountry’s pristine beauty. An unforgettable freeride adventure awaits, immersing you in the untamed splendour of the Alps and infusing each descent with powder-infused thrills.

As you glide down the slopes, the awe-inspiring Dolomites stand as a majestic backdrop, adding an extra touch of enchantment to every turn. Sestriere’s breathtaking beauty reveals a winter wonderland like no other, where the spirit of snowboarding thrives amidst nature’s grandeur.

Beyond the snow-capped peaks, Sestriere exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere, inviting you to embrace the enchanting Italian alpine culture. Indulge in après-ski delights, savour delectable local cuisine, and forge connections with fellow snowboarders and friendly locals alike.

Sestriere stands as one of the most beautiful places in the Alps, a true masterpiece where snowboarding excellence merges with unrivalled natural beauty. So, fellow snowboarders, heed the call of Sestriere—a place where brilliance awaits at every turn, a winter playground that promises an extraordinary snowboarding experience amidst the majestic embrace of the Dolomites. Pack your gear, embrace the thrill, and let Sestriere weave its magic as you carve your way into unforgettable snowboarding memories—a journey that celebrates the art of snowboarding amidst the awe-inspiring splendour of the Alps.




Step into the tranquil embrace of Champoluc, where a winter wonderland awaits, promising an unparalleled snowboarding experience amidst breathtaking alpine beauty. Tucked away amidst stunning mountain landscapes, this picturesque resort beckons snowboarders seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In Champoluc, serenity meets snowboarding perfection, granting you the luxury of uninterrupted mountain bliss. Experience the joy of gliding through enchanting terrain without the usual lift queue times, allowing you to revel in every moment of your snowboarding adventure.

As you carve your way down the slopes, be prepared to be mesmerized by the awe-inspiring views that surround you. From pristine powder fields to majestic peaks, Champoluc treats you to a visual feast that elevates your snowboarding journey to new heights.

For advanced snowboarders seeking a challenge, Champoluc doesn’t disappoint. Discover brilliant off-piste opportunities beyond the marked trails, where untouched powder stashes and untamed backcountry terrain beckon, offering an exhilarating freeride playground.

The resort caters to riders of all levels, with access to an impressive 173 kilometres of slopes catering to intermediate snowboarders seeking their winter playground. Glide through a varied canvas of runs, each turns a celebration of snowy delight.

Champoluc’s thoughtful design further enhances your snowboarding pleasure. With no drag lifts to hinder your exploration, navigating the area becomes effortless, allowing you to focus solely on the thrill of discovering the vast winter wonderland.

Beyond the slopes, Champoluc’s charm extends to the heart of the mountain village. Unwind in cosy alpine lodges, indulge in après-ski delights at welcoming establishments, and savour the warm hospitality that embodies the essence of Italian alpine culture.

So, fellow snowboarders, immerse yourself in the tranquil allure of Champoluc—a destination that weaves together snowboarding bliss and breathtaking views. Pack your gear, embrace the thrill of the slopes, and let Champoluc enchant you with its magical winter experience. Create unforgettable memories amidst the serene embrace of the mountains, and savour the moments that make your snowboarding journey truly extraordinary.


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