Snowboarding vs Skiing For Children And Beginners

18th February 2022

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Snowboarding vs Skiing For Children And Beginners

For most of our clients, the choice of whether their children ski or board is a simple choice, ‘do what I do!’ It’s simpler if the whole family are on the same equipment, be that on skis or a snowboard. Snowboarders for example, must unclip from their boards at all lifts, drag lifts and flat ski runs are a pain and without the use of ski poles, this presents a problem too. Whereas if you are all on skis these restrictions won’t apply. It makes sense before you depart on your ski trip to agree on whether you will be a ski or snowboarding family.

Of course, many teenagers take up snowboarding having first learnt to ski, because frankly, it looks cool, it looks a lot more fun, and their parents can’t do it!

Which is easier to learn, skiing or snowboarding?

Skiing: It’s generally agreed that skiing is easier to learn but harder to master and conversely snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master. This is because of balance. Skiing is more natural, as you can stick out a leg to regain lost balance and you also have poles to help you with balance. Ski equipment is generally bulkier to carry and ski boots are often seen as harder to walk in. On skis, you also have full peripheral vision as you face down the mountain.

Most new skiers will have mastered basic turns and stopping within a few hours of starting lessons. After the basics, skiing can become quite technical, so progression is slower for most.

Snowboarding: The fixed position of feet on a snowboard feels quite unnatural useless you have skateboarded before. Snowboarding equipment is lighter and easier to carry than ski equipment and the boots are way more comfortable than Ski boots. Your position on a snowboard means a side-on view of the mountain meaning that you only have about 50% vision as you travel sideways down the slope. The requirement to get on the edges of both the heel and toe is the hardest part for beginners, but once achieved most people progress very quickly.

Snowboarding vs Skiing For Children And Beginners

First time snowboarders might take a few days to master the same basic turns and stopping. But probably by the end of the week, will be looking more competent than a one-week skier.

Children generally start skiing from about 4 years old, but snowboarding is better taken up by children at least 8 years old, mainly because of balance issues.

Be prepared for addiction

Unlike some addictions, this is a good one. Once you have got past the beginner stage on either skis or a snowboard most of us what to become experts and it’s very likely that winter sports will be an important part of your life.

Winter sports enthusiasts look forward to snowy mountain holidays like beach bums look forward to a summer holiday by the sea.

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