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Lily, the must have toy for skiers ultimate selfie

3rd September 2015

Lily is a fly camera that’s perfect for skiers and snowboarders as unlike the DJI Phantom it does not require a pilot.  Just throw it in the air and ski away and Lily will follow you from a safe distance keeping you perfectly in frame.

Lily is shaped like an M&M, measuring just 8cm high and 26cm round and weighs just 1.3kg and easily fits into a back pack. Lily has a flying time of around 20 minutes, perhaps a little less in the colder temperatures of the Alps.

The user wears a waterproof watch like transmitter that sends a signal to the drone which allows Lily to track the wearer.  The camera records in FULL HD quality (1080p60fps) and will record in slow motion too (720p60fps).

Lily is due for launch in February 2106, just in time for the second half of the ski season and is priced at £650.  Ski Line acquired one of the first Phantom DJI quads but we found it impossible to film a good selfie when skiing and trying to control its flight so the Lily will now be perfect for this.


Many ski resorts are worried about the increasing number of drones now flying around the slopes and if numbers continue it possibly won’t be long before their use will be banne, but until then we expect to see a lot more drone selfies of skiers being uploaded to You Tube using Lily.

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