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Its NOW time to book a skiing holiday at Christmas and New Year

8th November 2016

Early snowfall across the Alps is always a welcoming sight for avid skiers and snowboarders, but its vital that first fresh snow falls on frozen ground, otherwise the snow could start to melt from both the top, from the sun and the bottom, from warm ground.  Just like it did this time last year! Or even worse the previous year when the first snow didn’t arrive until the day after boxing day.

The good news is that freezing temperatures across the Alps down to about 1,200m meant the ground was ready for that first significant snow that fell last weekend and is expected to continue throughout the week.  We are not expecting temperatures to change either, Val d’Isère’s lowest temperatures this week are expected to drop to -12° (-22° with a wind chill).

What a difference a week make in the mountains when it comes to snowfall

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The lack of good skiing conditions in the 2014/15 and 2015/16 ski seasons had a direct effect on sales of skiing holidays across these two peak weeks. Tour operators desperate to sell ski chalet holidays and hotels slashed prices to temp braver skiers to book.

Book Christmas and New year skiing now, before prices rise

The arrival of the first means you are now safe to book a skiing trip over either Christmas week or New Year.  However, you’d better do it quickly, nothing makes tour operators increase prices faster than when a combination of higher demand and the promise of excellent skiing conditions happens.

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