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We are adding links to Trip Advisor reviews on

8th December 2016

The team at will always look at the reviews on the Trip Advisor website when we are booking our own holidays, so why wouldn’t we look at them when we are booking your ski holiday?

We are adding links to Trip Advisor reviews on in truth, we always have done, we wouldn’t want to recommend any of our ski chalets, hotels or apartments that we wouldn’t book for our own ski holiday.

We are adding a link to Trip Advisor on each property page on this site to be as upfront and transparent as possible.

The Trip Advisor site has over 435 million reviews written by travellers just like you. We will be encouraging our clients to add reviews of their ski holidays, not just adding negative reviews, although these are very important, but if you have had a great holiday or hotel stay, why not take a couple of minutes to tell others, it can only help raise standards across the ski holiday industry.

Hotels and tour operators really do respond to their client’s feedback if it’s left in a public place, and things don’t come more public that on Trip Advisor!

Tips on reading reviews on Trip Advisors

The first rule of reading reviews is that majority rules, if 100 reviews say a hotel is fantastic and a handful say it’s not, trust the majority, not the few. The review system has always been open to abuse, a local competitive hotel could add a negative comment about his rival’s hotel.

I recall reading a review about a Club Med hotel, the majority commented on how the staff were great, but one female reviewer didn’t like the attitude of one of the staff, because he didn’t speak English! She gave just one star because of this. Not every review will be written in context, perhaps this reviewer should have considered that she was on holiday in France! I wonder how many night porters in British hotels speak German? not many I guess!

Tips on adding a review on Trip Advisor

Be truthful, don’t exaggerate anything negative just to get back at the hotel, chalet or apartment.

Think of tips that might have helped you, perhaps the breakfast finishes at 9:00 or the best bits of breakfast had all gone by 8:30am.

Tell other users about your experience as if you were telling your friends.

Tell other users if your trip was booked as a family holiday, or perhaps you travelled on your own. Families have very different requirements from a single skier.

If you booked a package ski holiday, talk about the flight and the transfer, not just the accommodation you booked, that’s just as important to other users thinking of booking a package too.

We're adding trip advisor reviewsSki Line Reviews

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