Ski Set’s New Technology Ensures Ski Boot Comfort And Faster Boot Fitting

28th December 2018

Our partners Skiset, are the biggest ski rental chain in Europe, covering all of our ski resorts. They have come up with a clever new way to ease the congestion around the boot rental and thus improve and speed up the booking process.

I won’t pretend to know about ski boot fitting, other than an uncomfortable and poorly fitted ski boot makes for a miserable day on the slopes.

Skiers and boarders visiting Skiset stores can now use this new technology known as Scanfeet to quickly have their foot shape digitally scanned, then the precise dimensions are feed to a database of suitable fitting ski boots and matched to the boots that are most likely to be a perfect fit, first time, other than minor adjustments to the boots themselves.

Ski Set’s New Technology Ensures Ski Boot Comfort And Faster Boot Fitting“We hope this new technology will speed up the fitting process and therefore improve the customer experience within our partners (Skiset) shops”. Said Angus Kinloch MD at Ski Line “This will also stop clients returning after the first day to change their boots, presumably after a horribly uncomfortable first day of their ski holiday“.

For returning clients the dimensions of your foot is stored in your personal profile so that next time you go skiing, there’s no need to go through the measurement process again, the technicians will have all the data they need in advance of your arrival. Scanfeet will also be available for clients booking ski rental through Skiset online.

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