Shall We Go Skiing In Portugal Or Albania This Winter?

8th September 2023

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Shall We Go Skiing In Portugal Or Albania This Winter?

Some European summer holiday destinations, unexpectedly offer skiing in the winter too.


Sardinia has white sandy beaches and turquoise seas, but it has a couple of ski resorts too! We are not for one moment suggesting you cancel your ski trip to Tignes and instead book up a week in Mount Spada, in Sardinia. Sardinia may have some great beaches, but the skiing is, shall we say, limited, with its ski range between 1,320m and 1,440m and just 400m of pistes, no, that’s not a typo, 400 metres, that’s 1,312 feet in old money. That must make it Europe’s smallest ski resort.


Greece is one of the UK’s favourite summer holiday destinations, with great food, great weather, lovely beaches, and friendly locals. What’s not to like? But Greece also has 25 ski resorts, the largest of which covers 23km of runs. Combined, all 25 of Greece’s ski resorts only total 186km. You can compare this to Andorra which only has 3 resorts covering 300km of ski runs, which is more pistes than it has tarmacked roads!


Albania is becoming ever more popular for cheap summer holidays, with beaches just like Greece and value-for-money accommodations and restaurants. It’s the venue for several big music festivals each summer, but even Albania has a ski resort. We bet no one makes the effort to ski there this winter. Dardhe the biggest ski resort in Albania, offers just 1.3km of ski runs and 2 lifts. What’s the point?


Corsica has, probably, at least 3 of the world’s best beaches. But its 3 ski resorts certainly are up to any World standard. The ski range is low, (1,400m to 1,870m). It’s a wonder, so far south that it could even get snow at all, but in 2019, it snowed in May! We doubt Corsican ski resorts will provide a snow guarantee!


Turkey and Ski Line do have a past happy association. When Ski Line started in 1995, we sold holidays to Turkey in the summer, in fact, we sold a lot of summer holidays. We nearly became a Turkish holiday specialist, but the skiers in us prevailed! The Turkish tourist office in London was very keen for us to promote Turkey as a ski destination too. Remarkably Turkey has around 40 different ski areas, the highest at 3,346m and a total of 55km of pistes served by 14 lifts. The smallest has 1 lift and 2 runs that total 1.5km.


Portugal, who’d of thought it. But yes, even Portugal has a ski resort, called Serra da Estela, and with a top skiing point at 1,923m, sounds fine, until you hear it has only got 7.7km of pistes. You know it’s a small ski area when they count the kilometres of runs in one-tenth! The whole annual snowfall in 2022 in Serra Da Estela, was just 34cm and it only snowed on 7.3 days, (there is that decimal point again!)

There are a few good reasons that we go skiing in the European Alps.

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