Lord Sugar’s Fury At Fake Airbnb Post For One Of His Homes

1st November 2019

Lord Sugar’s Fury At Fake Airbnb Post For One Of His Homes

Lord Sugar issued a warning to Airbnb after an American family turned up at one of his London properties after renting it the Airbnb website.  This a day after our MD Angus Kinloch also issued a warning to skiers and the London Ski show to watch out for fake posts on Airbnb and to warn of several fake chalet websites that have sprung up in recent months.


Lord Sugar wrote: “WARNING AIRBNB SCAM: Yesterday an American family of 6 turned up at one of my proprieties [sic] in London. They had been scammed to think they could rent it for 3 days. The scammers took a photo from an estate agents web site and stole over $600 from these poor people. BASTARDS.”

Scammers play on people’s greed, promoting offers that often look too good to be true, asking their clients to pay away from the website so they can avoid paying Airbnb commission. Always follow the payment guidelines when booking on Airbnb and make sure the property, often a ski chalet is real.

Don’t forget… If it looks too good to be true it probably is.

The safest way to book a skiing holiday is with a bonded ABTA travel agency.