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Keeping Us Safe In Val d’Isere

8th February 2018

We have seen some of the best ski conditions for probably 40 years. Great for those of us who ski or snowboard but a nightmare for those charged with keeping the ski areas safe.

The photo below from our friends at YSE the Val d’Isere ski chalet specialist, tell us is a first for snow safety.

Keeping us safe in Val d’IsereSome of the tournes, (massive deep diagonal trenches that surround Val d’Isere) designed to slow and divert any avalanches away from the slopes, are for the first time ever, full up with snow!

So, the safety crews are pilling 2m larch logs deep into the snow to use as a winch to allow the basher to travel up the steep slopes to clear the tournes of snow. This is the first time this technic has been used in Val d’Isere, the snow has never been this deep before!

With the freezing temperatures in Val d’Isere and fresh snowfall on the way, the risk of further avalanches across the Alps next week is real! Thank you Val d’Isere for keeping us safe!

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