Dynamic Credit Card currency conversion – press 1 for yes or 2 for no

4th August 2023

Dynamic Credit Card currency conversion

We can guarantee that virtually everyone paying a bill overseas by credit card will have seen this, but we are convinced most credit card holders won’t know what option to choose, making the wrong choice could add 12.95% to your bill.

This is what to do to avoid Dynamic Credit Card currency conversion.

When paying for anything by credit card when travelling overseas, or when withdrawing cash from an ATM NEVER select to pay in £’s. ALWAYS select to pay in the local currency.

The idea of paying in £’s, sounds appealing, after all, when your credit card bill arrives it will be in £’s, not the €’s you paid.

The reality of making the wrong selection is, the local currency is then used as “an offered exchange rate” to show a price is £’s but with markups and hidden fees, it adds up to nearly 13% of additional fees.

Another great travel tip is to never exchange money at the airport due to unfavourable exchange rates.

Ski Line wants you to enjoy your skiing holidays and perhaps the best way to avoid any changes on your credit card is to book a Club Med skiing holiday, you really can leave your credit cards at home with a Club Med all-inclusive holiday.