DIY ski package holiday makes sense if you plan ahead

17th July 2017

There are several benefits in choosing a ski resort with the shortest transfer time, the obvious one being that you get there quicker!

If you plan ahead and book a DIY ski package holiday you can make great savings.

A DIY ski package holiday can, in certain situations, be cheaper than booking a package holiday. The transfer costs are the fly in the ointment, so if you are considering a DIY package, choose a ski resort within easy reach of the local airport so you can keep the costs of the transfer to a minimum.

Budget airlines, such as Easyjet, have 11 flights a day from Gatwick to Geneva alone, that’s on top of the flights from 14 other regional airports in the UK.

Book the flights early enough and you could be paying as little as £25 each way for your flights (plus luggage costs).

Many of the independently run catered ski chalets tend to be located in ski resorts closer to the airports in resorts such as Morzine for example.

Example DIY ski package to Morzine chalet Ex LGW

Chalet Les Lanchettes in Morzine sleeps 14 and has a hot tub

Chalet Les Lanchettes in Morzine sleeps 14 and has a hot tub

The cost of a DIY package holiday vs a tour operators package is about £200 per person cheaper.

If you are considering booking a DIY ski package holiday our team of advisors have 71 different chalet only ski suppliers with over 500 different catered ski chalets which are ideal for the DIY ski package holiday. Call us on 020 8313 3999 and if we build the package for you, you get 100% financial protection with our ATOL licence and ABTA membership.

Independent Chalets in Austria

ChaletResortSleepsPrices from (pp)
Chalet SonnefeldFieberbrunn74£420
Chalet DemlhofFinkenberg28£467
Chalet AntoniaFlachau14£467
Chalet AuhofFlachau26 £364
Chalet FranzFlachau10£467
Chalet DorferapartmentGerlos8£490
Chalet DorferhausGerlos13£490
Chalet SilianHinterglemm24£490
Chalet ZitaIschgl22£593
Chalet KristaKitzbuhel37£490
Chalet GretlSerfaus32£560
Chalet KraxnerSerfaus8£420
Chalet JessicaSolden12£467
Chalet RuthSolden35£490
Chalet AitkenSt Anton9£560
Chalet AlberSt Anton42£528
Chalet AngelSt Anton12£494
Chalet Angela ArlbergSt Anton14£598
Chalet IngeSt Anton40£551
Chalet LevettSt Anton21£494
Chalet LorikeetSt Anton10£449
Chalet OkkeSt Anton8£551
Chalet OspreySt Anton10£449
Chalet RosellaSt Anton10£449
Chalet SeebergerSt Anton20£494
Chalet SnowhawkSt Anton10£449
Chalet TajaSt Anton8£604
Chalet ZollerSt Anton18£467
Haus ChristophSt Anton6£549
The ClaraSt Anton6£549
The MaroiSt Anton8£604
The NinaSt Anton8£499

Independent Chalets in France

ChaletResortSleepsPrices from (pp)
Chalet GelinotteAlpe d’Huez20£364
Chalet ArkorAvoriaz11£514
Chalet AlpakaChatel28£467
Chalet Pom de PinChatel10£397
Chalet Clarines d’OrCourchevel8£549
Chalet Dulcis CasuCourchevel12£1,250
Chalet Le MistiCourchevel8£449
Chalet MouriaCourchevel16£494
Chalet EverestCourchevel8£549
Chalet AnniekLa Plagne16£329
Chalet DolomitesLa Plagne11£299
Chalet NadineLa Plagne13£349
Chalet Kandahar 1La Rosiere10£325
Chalet Kandahar 2La Rosiere10£325
Chalet Kandahar 3La Rosiere12£325
Chalet Kandahar 4La Rosiere12£325
Chalet BalkissLa Tania14£689
Chalet Beau VallonLa Tania12£345
Chalet BouquetinsLa Tania11£419
Chalet CharmilleLa Tania10£399
Chalet ChristineLa Tania28£329
Chalet EcritoireLa Tania10£790
Chalet ElangeniLa Tania15£875
Chalet Elliot EastLa Tania8£419
Chalet Elliot WestLa Tania8£689
Chalet JamesLa Tania12£345
Chalet JohannaLa Tania10£690
Chalet LeaLa Tania14£419
Chalet Les OursonsLa Tania12£545
Chalet MorganeLa Tania14£369
Ours des MontagnesLa Tania10£759
Chalet PapillonLa Tania10£449
Chalet PavotLa Tania10£389
Chalet PleromaLa Tania8£950
Chalet RachaelLa Tania10£800
Chalet SophieLa Tania12£633
Chalet TamaraLa Tania12£325
Chalet TitaniaLa Tania16£369
Chalet JonquilleLa Tania16£345
Chalet SermozLes Arcs16£429
Chalet Le VieuxLes Gets16£467
Chalet DelfinaLes Menuires14£369
Chalet EstelleLes Menuires16£369
Chalet FloraLes Menuires16£369
Chalet GabrielleLes Menuires16£369
Chalet HayleyLes Menuires12£359
Chalet in the CloudsLes Menuires18£560
Calet KaterinaLes Menuires10£329
Chaet Le ChamoisLes Menuires18£560
Chlet LorraineLes Menuires10£329
Chaet AmanjenaMeribel12£599
Calet BaitaMeribel8£1,000
Calet CeciliaMeribel10£590
Chalet Cerf RougeMeribel10£950
Chalet Chanteclair AMeribel8£549
Chalet Chanteclair BMeribel8£499
Chalet DelmontelMeribel8£449
Chalet du GuideMeribel12£542
Chalet EleanorMeribel14£494
Grange a CharlotteMeribel15£419
Chalet de MarieMeribel10£449
Chalet le ChristopheMeribel8£625
Chalet le KoissouMeribel10£950
Chalet PasaraleMeribel10£750
Chalet Quatre MeulesMeribel8£863
Chalet SorbierMeribel10£690
Chalet VeronicaMeribel10£490
The AnnabelMeribel6£449
The SilvanaMeribel7£449
Apartment CaribouMorzine8£465
Apartment Caribou 2Morzine6£345
Brown Bear LodgeMorzine18£588
Cairn LodgeMorzine17£588
Chalet Aux JouxMorzine13£588
Chalet Chez NousMorzine12£345
Chalet ChouetteMorzine10£588
Chalet Claire ValleeMorzine12£588
Chalet CoeursMorzine12£425
Chalet Croc BlancMorzine12£675
Chalet HibouMorzine10£588
Chalet Le BenonMorzine11£490
Chalet Les LanchettesMorzine14£325
Chalet SuzanneMorzine11£345
Ferme de la CoutettazMorzine10£602
Grand BelvedereMorzine10£325
Chalet Aigle RoyalTignes15£523
Chalet La PerleTignes12£452
Chalet La TourneTignes21£296
Chalet Lavachet LodgeTignes19£178
Chalet Les MartinsTignes27£268
Chalet Lys MartagonTignes12£355
Chalet RamoTignes16£434
Chalet AcajumaVal d’Isere11£549
Chalet AnandaVal d’Isere11£494
Chalet BergerieVal d’Isere13£1,057
Chalet KilimanjaroVal d’Isere10£1,144
Chalet LafiteniaVal d’Isere12£1,144
Chalet Le ChardonVal d’Isere20£1,144
Chalet MistralVal d’Isere14£1,144
The AquilinaVal d’Isere6£549
The ArranVal d’Isere8£604
The IonaVal d’Isere8£604
The JuraVal d’Isere6£659
The LusitanoVal d’Isere8£421
The MarwariVal d’Isere8£494
The NokotaVal d’Isere8£449
The PintoVal d’Isere8£449
The SkyeVal d’Isere8£604

Independent Chalets in Italy

ChaletResortSleepsPrices from (pp)
Chalet La PetittaSauze d’Oulx26£364
Chalet ZirmSt Cristina13£499

Independent Chalets in Switzerland

ChaletResortSleepsPrices from (pp)
The LodgeVerbier18£1,800


Prices are correct as of 9th April 2019


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