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The first European ski resort to adopt “Dynamic pricing” for Ski passes

30th July 2019

We are all in favour of the announcement by the French ski resort of Val Cenis to offer discounts of up to 70% for ski passes purchased in advance.  This has been the norm with airlines like Easyjet and Ryanair for years.  If you book in advance and travel over an anticipated low demand week the cheapest fares are available.

The first European ski resort to adopt “Dynamic pricing” for Ski passesVal Cenis isn’t a major player in French ski resorts. Its slopes cover 80km of piste, but we believe it could become a popular destination for skiers who book their ski holidays early.  Winter sports enthusiasts aren’t stupid, they know that some ski resorts are already charging over €300 for a 6-day pass, so by offering a discount to book early, this is a no brainer, isn’t it?

Currently, Val Cenis is offering major discounts for early bookers for two of the busiest weeks. A ski pass over the new year week is only €98 or there’s up to a 35% discount over the February half term week which could save a family of a 4 a lot of money and brings the cost of a ski pass down to €126 each.

This will make drawing a comparison of lift passes from different resorts more difficult to understand if dynamic pricing is adopted in other French ski resorts.  Anything that allows for savings has to be good when our currency is currently weakened by Brexit.


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