So you have to arrange this year’s company ski trip? Whatever you do, don’t mess it up!

26th September 2016

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If you are lucky enough to work at a company that arranges a staff ski trip (we do) you might not feel so lucky if you’ve been given the job of organising it! Unless of course, you have asked a professional company like Ski Line to arrange it for you.
So you have to arrange this year’s company ski trip? Whatever you do, don’t mess it up!Ski Line will listen to your requirements, make suggestions on how to improve the plan, will advise on how to get more value for money and will present a number of different options that won’t break the budget. Your trip will be ATOL bonded and arranged by a company with 22 years’ experience.

Knowing that your peers, colleagues and maybe even your top clients will be judging your results, get it wrong and you could be looking for a new job! Don’t leave anything to chance let our team make your next ski trip one of the best.

The first thing to do is to decide when to go and for how long.

Think about the people in the group to be invited, have they skied before? If everyone is an expert or a beginner its simple, but in reality, your group is likely to be a mixed ski ability group, some may have never skied before. Choosing a ski resort that works well for every level of skier is important, some resorts do this better than others. Try to avoid the peak dates of the ski season. Which are over New Year and Christmas, The February half term week and Easter and at all other times you should manage to get a good deal.

So you have to arrange this year’s company ski trip?

Hotel or ski chalet? Where to stay

We find a catered ski chalet works best for smaller groups of between 8 to 20 people, a shared mountain home is perfect for bringing the group together and not just at meal times either. If you are a larger group, you could book a chalet for the week and bring your guests out at the beginning of the week and then have a change of bedding for when the second part of the group arrives mid-week. This can halve the costs and allow you to get a considerable upgrade in the level of comfort you get from your ski chalet.

Hotels are the obvious choice for larger corporate ski trips, we have many hotels that we work with who manage corporate groups very well, you won’t get any nasty surprises from unpaid bar bills.

So you have to arrange this year’s corporate ski trip?

Travel arrangements and resort transfers

Chances are that not everyone in the group will be on the same flight, some may be travelling from different airports around Europe. We can arrange any travel your budget can afford, from a private mini-coach to helicopter transfers directly to your ski chalet. It’s important to have a backup plan if you chose a helicopter just in case poor weather prevents flights. Its normal for any luggage to go by road because of weight limits. We book a stretch limo or a comfortable minivan with smart driver. A bottle of champagne for the journey is a lovely touch.

There are ski instructors and then there are ski instructors!

If you are arranging a ski instructor or guide to spend the day with your best clients or top staff, you want to get a good one! The last thing you want is an instructor who won’t treat your guest as you want them to. Because we work with all the best ski schools and several independent instructors we will find one that your guests will enjoy spending the day with.

Team building Fun in the snow

We have arranged all kinds of events for corporate clients from attempts to set new world records, to the most people on a sledge, ski races in fancy dress, snowmobile races and Igloo building and picnics on the piste. Discuss any plans with us that you may want to help to bring your group closer together.
Ski Line have been arranging corporate ski trips and events for over 20 years. Our corporate clients include well-known companies from many different sectors including Banking, Legal, Financial services, Manufacturing, Building and Sports Clubs.
I’d like to thank my friends Chris Connor, Stuart Coia, Ian Sealy, Stephen Tearman and Mark Barrett for agreeing to bust their luggage allowance to bring their business suits skiing to allow us to get these photos, we caused a bit of a stir while doing this shoot in La Plagne a few years ago. You are all wonderful skiers and the best-dressed group on the slopes that week. Thanks guys!

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