Is liquid the solution to a comfier fitting ski boot?

28th November 2018

There is no doubt that over the years massive improvements in ski boot design have aided skiers to perfect their turns in ever lighter ski boots where comfort is the most important factor.  We have also seen ski boots with mouldable inner liners that after heating mould “almost” perfectly to your foot, no matter what it’s shape. The trouble is that over time my foot shape has changed, and my boots have also lost some of the shape the heating had allowed.

All that’s about to change with a new ski boot launched by Head called “Liquid Fit”. This boot promises to be one of the most comfortable and lightest ever as it allows for a liquid paraffin gel to be injected into the ski boot to keep the heal where it should be, without any lift and to maximise control in turns with a very snug fitting.

Figure 1. Expert ski boot fitter Frank of Finches in South London stock the new “Liquid Fit ski boot” from Head

The trouble for expert boot fitters like Frank, who owns Finches ski shop in South London, is that we all have different foot shapes and there is no such thing as a make that fits all. This is why Finches carry a huge range of ski and snowboard boots in stock.

Frank explained that one of the biggest issues comes from skiers with a wide foot, which often means whilst the comfort on the width isn’t a problem the heal often is!  Frank explained that a heal snug fit is extremely important and that the liquid paraffin gel that can be custom fitted will bring a new and responsive fitting and comfortable boot.

If you are buying a new pair of ski boots, Ski Line reccommend booking an appointment with Frank by calling 020 8699 6768. Plan for around 2 hours as you can’t rush a boot fitting. Finding the ski boot that’s right for you means trying on more than a few before you buy.

Contact Frank Finch about ski boot fitting

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