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16th January 2019

Even though there are many people now planning their summer holidays, you don’t have to think that far ahead. If the start of the New Year has been tough or you feel as though you need a break quite soon, an end of season ski trip could be just what you are looking for.

At Ski Line, we are pleased to say we help skiers find their ideal trip and there are many reasons why people want to hit the slopes at the end of the ski season. If you need something to blow away the January Blues while providing yourself with more motivation for the year ahead, an end of season ski trip could be exactly what you need.

An end of season ski trip can save you money

A very good reason why some people look forward to an end of season ski trip is that it is an affordable time of year to ski. If you book a skiing holiday during the peak season, you can expect to pay a higher price.

However, when the end of the season is looming, you often find that there are some great deals and bargains to look out for. If you are a savvy skier, you may prefer this time of year as it makes your money go further but if you love skiing, you may appreciate the chance of squeezing in another ski holiday for an affordable price before the season ends.

Enjoy the slopes when they are a bit quieter

There are many skiers who prefer to ski when the slopes are a bit quieter. You may have a quiet nature or you may lack confidence in your skills, which means you would prefer to ski when there are not as many people around you.

It is fair to say we all like our own things and while some people love the excitement of a busy ski resort, other people prefer a more laid back and relaxed ski trip. If you are the sort of skier who wants a quiet time and doesn’t want to mingle with too many people, an end of ski season trip may be exactly what you are looking for.

An end of season ski trip allows you to ski in more pleasant conditions

Most people accept that if they are going to go skiing, it is going to be cold. However, there are different levels of coldness and for a lot of skiers, the end of season is a much more palatable time to hit the slopes.

An end of season ski trip helps you avoid FOMO

One reason some skiers end up booking a trip for the end of season is that they have a fear of missing out or FOMO as it is referred to these days. Knowing that it could be a long time before you get to enjoy a ski trip again sharpens people’s desire to book a trip.

Whatever reason you have for wanting to enjoy an end of ski season trip, contact Ski Line and we will be more than happy to help you plan your next great trip.

Join us in Val d’Isere

This year we will returning to Val d’Isere for our annual end of season ski trip. Departing on the 21st of April for 4 nights we are offering a choice of accommodation ranging from a 5* chalet hotel, a 4* chalet hotel in the centre of town or a more basic 3* chalet hotel, and prices start at just £399pp. Find out more information here.

Ski Line's end of season ski trip