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Chalet Les Brames

Megeve, France
  • Self Catered Chalet
  • Sleeps 12
    • Lift : 1.9km
    , nights

    Les Brames is a very traditional chalet, located in the Mont d'Arbois district of Megeve. Its surface area of 366 sq.m and its 7 bedrooms allow it to accommodate up to 14 people in the greatest comfort.

    On the first level, the entrance to the chalet, there is the garage, the wine cellar, a sauna and a very large ski room. Everyone will have the space and comfort they need to put on or take off their shoes. You will also find one of the 7 bedrooms with two bathrooms. Wooden decoration is omnipresent, from walls to ceilings, furniture and decorative objects. Nature is an important element that can be found precisely in all the decoration of the chalet. A breath of modernity and design can be found in the chalet's facilities: from the kitchen to the bathrooms, including the outdoor jacuzzi and sports facilities.

    Upstairs, you will discover the other 5 bedrooms with 4 large beautiful bathrooms all made of wood, very bright, with marble details. All the rooms in the chalet are cosy as you wish, very warm with cosy and soft fabrics. You will love the rustic style, the brightness and the soft, natural colours. Such a cocooning atmosphere will soften all your evenings.

    The last floor is a huge living room with a large living room with a fireplace separated from the dining area by a large wooden staircase, and a fully equipped and closed kitchen. If you look up, you will discover a more pronounced alpine decoration throughout the living room: two wooden chandeliers over the dining table; suspended trophies; a height under the roof underlined by spots fixed in the roof beams, although the light naturally bathes in space thanks to the large bay windows.

    You will love to enjoy the jacuzzi on the terrace and recharge your batteries in a peaceful setting surrounded by fir trees and your loved ones. Chalet Les Brames is the ideal place for an exotic and invigorating stay in Megeve.

    Capacity details

    • Number of adults : 12
    • Room number : 7
    • Surface area : 366m2

    Key points

    • Neighborhood : Mont d'Arbois
    • Services : Self catered


    • Firewood
    • Slippers
    • Champagne (in winter only)
    • Fresh flowers (in winter only)
    • Toiletry products in each bathroom
    • Welcome busket: jam, chocolates, candies, salty appetizers

    Housekeeping & Linens

    • End of stay cleaning
    • Middle of stay cleaning
    • Linens (towels and sheets)
    • Change of linens in the middle of your stay (in winter only)

    Good to know

    Additional fees

    • Tourist tax


    • TV

    General equipments

    • Garage
    • Ski locker
    • Boots heater
    • No elevator
    • Outdoor furniture

    Household appliance

    • Coffee machine
    • Microwave
    • Fridge
    • Freezer
    • Nespresso
    • Kettle
    • Induction hob
    • Dishwasher
    • Washing machine
    • Dryer
    • Oven

    Important Covid-19 refund promise.

    This operator is offering a full refund guarantee should your holiday be cancelled due to COVID-19 related issues.

    A copy of the full terms and conditions are available on request.

    The advantage of booking a self-catered skiing holiday is often the price. The disadvantages mean either eating out, which in a ski resort is often expensive, or it means having cooking your own meals, which probably means less time skiing, and who really wants to shop and then cook an evening meal after a full days skiing?

    Huski, the Alps based catering business offers a great solution, that means you can still enjoy the great value of a ski apartment or self-catered chalet and eat well without the fuss of having to cook your own food.

    Huski delivers a week’s worth of dishes, freshly frozen and ready for you to just heat and serve.

    Sample Menus

    Interested? Speak to a member of our sales team for more information on 020 8313 3999.


    Economy Ski Pack

    Perfect for entry level skiers looking for the best price. Refurbished equipment from the Sensation and Evolution categories.

    • Ski types: Skis downgraded from Sensation and Evolution ranges
    • Maximum age: 3 years
    • Package includes: Skis, boots and poles
    Atomic Nomad [S] Tune Plus

    Atomic Nomad [S] Tune Plus


    Economy Skis Only


    Evolution Ski Pack

    Entry level skis/snowboards perfect for those discovering the thrills of skiing on green and blue slopes. Manageable and reliable skis even on hard snow, that help you make progress whilst having fun.

    • Ski types: Slopes, Female, Snow blades
    • Snowboard types: Multipurpose
    • Boots: Good quality shoes for very good comfort
    • Maximum equipment age: 2 years
    • Package includes: Skis/snowboard, boots and poles
    Atomic Nomad [S] Tune Plus

    Atomic Nomad [S] Tune Plus

    Dynastar Active Easy

    Dynastar Active Easy

    Rossignol Sprayer

    Rossignol Sprayer

    Burton Ltr

    Burton Ltr


    Evolution Skis Only


    Performance Ski Pack

    For all skiers at home on all types of slopes and snow. Comfortable, higher-performance skis/snowboards that guarantee stability and grip even at full speed.

    • Ski types: Slips, All mounting, Female
    • Snowboard types: All mountain, Freestyle
    • Boots: Good quality shoes for a good support
    • Maximum equipment age: 2 years
    • Package includes: Skis/snowboards, boots and poles
    Salomon X-Drive 75 Sti

    Salomon X-Drive 75 Sti

    Head Absolut Joy S

    Head Absolut Joy S

    Rossignol Smash 7

    Rossignol Smash 7

    Burton Progression

    Burton Progression


    Performance Skis Only


    Excellence Ski Pack

    For the most demanding and experienced skiers. The highest quality skis for every terrain, both on-slope and off.

    • Ski types: Racing World Cup, Piste, All mountain, Free ride, Female
    • Boots: Hi quality and technical shoes for very good support
    • Maximum equipment age: 1 year
    • Package includes: Skis, boots and poles
    Salomon X–Drive 8.3

    Salomon X–Drive 8.3

    Rossignol Experience 84 CA

    Rossignol Experience 84 CA

    Atomic Cloud Eleven Arc

    Atomic Cloud Eleven Arc


    Excellence Skis Only


    Adult Helmet Hire


    Junior Champion Ski Pack Inc Helmet (Under 12)

    For children 8-11 years at the 3-star or higher, as well as for older kids 12-13 years old at any level. Booking helmets is highly recommended it for beginners and children.

    • Ski types: high-quality skis (Racing skis, Twin tip skis)
    • Snowboard types: Junior
    • Maximum equipment age: 3 years
    • Package includes: Skis/Snowboard, boots and poles
    Rossignol Hero Junior Multi-Event

    Rossignol Hero Junior Multi-Event

    Burton Ltr-Kids

    Burton Ltr-Kids


    Espoir Ski Pack Inc Helmet (Under 12)


    Mini Kids Ski Pack Inc Helmet (3 - 5)

    Perfect for kids under 6, to safely carve their first turns. Helmets are highly recommended for children.

    • Ski types: Junior
    • Package includes: Skis, boots and poles
    Rossignol Roostie

    Rossignol Roostie

    Rossignol Princess

    Rossignol Princess


    Prices & Availability

    PP - Price per person based on full occupancy