Take the train to the Alps this winter and reduce your CO2 footprint

12th September 2023

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Take the train to the Alps this winter and reduce your CO2 footprint

After weeks of will they, won’t they, skiers now have 5 different options to go skiing by train for the 2023/24 ski season. (Sadly, a direct service to the Alps is off the table this winter.)

Indirect services will operate over the winter of 2023/24 to ski resorts in France, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.

There are lots of reasons for taking the train for this year’s skiing holiday. You don’t have to be a supporter of ‘Just Stop Oil’ to go skiing by train. Many skiline.co.uk clients are turning their backs on air travel and/or are actively restricting the number of flights they are willing to take each year in favour of greener alternatives.

Ski companies like Inghams now employ three full-time environmental officers whose only job is to reduce the company’s own, their clients and supply chain CO2 emissions.

Take the train to the Alps this winter and reduce your CO2 footprint

As expected, skiers’ first choice of a convenient flight from a local airport doesn’t come out well topping the chart with 133.15kg per person. Which would take 5 trees, a year, and 6 months to absorb!

Based on 4 driving (petrol car) via Folkstone to Tignes, the emissions are a more palatable 66kg per person, which takes one tree over 2 years to absorb.

Reaching the Alps by train uses a total CO2 of just 29.5kg, which still takes a tree just over a year to absorb.

Most trees will store about 17% of the carbon in the tree above ground, 6% is stored in the roots, 5% is stored in surface little and dead wood. The vast majority 72% is stored underground, which helps mitigate climate change.

Eurostar has cut routes and now only offers direct services to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. Ski Line hopes that other train operators will soon be operating through the tunnel, but Eurostar has become lazy with its monopoly.

How long does one tree take to absorb the carbon from your ski holiday flight?

By Plane Vs Car Vs Train, we think you will be shocked.

  • By flying to your ski holiday it takes 5 years for one tree to absorb the carbon.
  • By car, that poor tree will take 2 years and 3 months.
  • By train, one tree will have absorbed nearly all your carbon in a year.

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Data used in this blog is from myclimate.org, Ecopassenger.org and Kew.org