Packing for your Christmas ski trip?

4th December 2018

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You’ve got a ski holiday booked for the Christmas holidays, you’ve sorted out travel and arranged with friends and family members what your plans are. You’ve limbered up, you’ve watched a lot of ski videos, you have worked hard to improve your balance and your stance, you are almost good to go for a brilliant holiday. The only thing left is packing for your Christmas ski trip, and this may be the issue that causes you problems!

This time of year is quite hectic and the idea of having a holiday sounds ideal. However, now you must organise Christmas and a holiday, which means you may be feeling a bit frazzled by everything you need to do. At Ski Line, we’re here to help. Not only do we help you book the best ski holiday for you and your loved ones, but we’re also going to give you tips on how to pack for your perfect Christmas ski trip.

Start with the basics, take plenty of socks and underwear

A lot of people dislike getting socks as a Christmas present but if you are going on a ski holiday, you want to take plenty of socks. When your feet are cold or damp, you feel miserable. You will feel a lot better when you dry your socks and put on a fresh and clean pair of socks, so stock up on comfortable socks and make the most of every day.

The same can be said for underwear. You may spend a lot of time falling down and landing on the snow, so invest in underwear that is warm, comfortable and flexible. When your socks and underwear feel great, you will ready for anything.  If your socks and underwear are damp or uncomfortable, you won’t be at your best on the slopes.

Add layers

You know that it is going to be cold on the slopes, especially if you struggle to keep your balance, so you need to dress accordingly. Rather than wearing one heavy item, it is best to wear several layers. There are many specialist items of clothing designed to provide you with insulation, but simple t-shirts worn over each other will protect you well enough.

If you can wash your clothes while away, you may be able to take less but make sure you are covered for a few days, and challenging weather. When you are comfortable, you will have more fun, so be sure to wear plenty of layers and if it gets too hot, you can remove layers as you see fit.

Bear in mind it may also be sunny

While you should take lots of layers to keep you warm, don’t forget that you may be exposed to the sun in many locations. It makes sense to take sunscreen and lip balm to ensure that you protect yourself from all the elements.

These are items you can buy in ski resorts if you forget or want to travel light but you’ll find these items cheaper at home, especially in winter!

When it comes to big and bulky clothes, you may want to consider wearing your ski jacket and boots on the plane. This will save space in the luggage, it will help you to get used to these items before you arrive in the ski resort and most importantly, it lets everyone know you are jetting off on a ski holiday. You can always take these items off on the plane if you want to relax but wearing them on the way to the airport is a space-saving idea with benefits.

Are you planning on hitting the après-ski scene?

It is important that you pack well for skiing but what are you going to do with the time away from the slopes? If you plan on staying in your room or lodge, pack clothes that allow you to relax and feel comfortable. However, if you plan on hitting the bars and clubs, make sure you dress accordingly. Find out what atmosphere the local area has and then pack items that will allow you to dress to impress.

Items you may forget but will benefit from include:

  • Adapters
  • Toiletries
  • Something to keep you amused or entertained
  • Plastic bags to wrap wet clothes in

If you are looking forward to a ski holiday, have fun, but make sure you pack everything you need to ensure this is your best trip yet. Of course, if you are still looking to book a ski holiday, contact Ski Line and we will do our best to help you out.