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Cervinia Ski Resort

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Italy Ski Resort


Cervinia sits on the Italian side of the iconic Matterhorn Mountain in the Aosta Valley and is linked with the ... Read more

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Cervinia Map

Cervinia Resort Details

Cervinia sits on the Italian side of the iconic Matterhorn Mountain in the Aosta Valley and is linked with the Swiss resort of Zermatt. It’s true the view of the Matterhorn is better from the Swiss side but the location of Cervinia with its towering peaks is still impressive. The village however is rather unremarkable with a central square and attractive church. Across the square local shop, bars and restaurants sit on either side of the two largely pedestrian roads. It’s a pleasant enough place to walk around, it’s not Megeve, nor is as as ugly as some of the French purpose built ski resorts. There are good choices of bars and restaurants competing with each other for the lunch time and après ski clientele. Access to the skiing is excellent with the best lifts being very central to most of the accommodation.

Skiing in Cervinia

If you are the kind of skier who likes to spend all day on nice cruising blues and reds you are going to love Cervinia! We can’t think of a better cruising ski resort anywhere. Many of the runs seem to go on for miles. This is a great snow sure ski area, the village is at 2100m and skiing goes up to 3900m, Cervinia is a popular destination for spring skiing and when the resort is really at its best.

Beginners skiing in Cervinia

A limited ski pass include the magic carpet on the excellent beginner’s slopes in the village. The progression slopes are great just above and offer gentle gradients to help build confidence, fast learners will be skiing top to bottom by the end of the first week. We think Cervinia is a fantastic option for beginners.

Intermediates skiing in Cervinia

You have found skiing Heaven! Cervinia offers mile after mile of great cruising runs to suite all levels of Intermediates, don’t forgets the easier runs on the Zermatt side too. The reds won’t be too challenging either even for timid intermediates. Even some of the Blacks, many don’t deserve the classification are well within your ability. If you are an intermediate skier and you haven’t yet skied here, make it No.1 on your bucket list!

Advanced skiing in Cervinia

If you are an expert and you are skiing here chances are your skiing with your family or friends who aren’t as good at skiing as you. Ordinarily we wouldn’t suggest Cervinia as a great option for experts, however the skiing across the border in Zermatt is. This alone makes Cervinia quite unique and a good option where most of the ski group are not experts. You probably won’t enjoy the skiing here if you don’t buy the full area pass. Please note that the link connecting to Zermatt can close in high winds.

Cervinia piste map

Cervinia Ski Resort Piste Map

Cervinia historical snowfall

Based on weekly average snowfall data November 2000 - April 2018

  • Upper Piste depth
  • Lower Piste depth
  • Weekly Snowfall
147.4 cm
158.9 cm
161.9 cm
166.6 cm
169.1 cm
172.6 cm
189.9 cm
199.2 cm
210.5 cm
228.0 cm
229.6 cm
224.3 cm
227.0 cm
238.4 cm
238.9 cm
239.4 cm
243.5 cm
245.1 cm
243.8 cm
247.1 cm
25.2 cm
32.9 cm
44.8 cm
55.2 cm
53.9 cm
60.9 cm
73.0 cm
76.7 cm
79.7 cm
81.1 cm
86.0 cm
81.8 cm
81.9 cm
86.1 cm
90.8 cm
80.6 cm
74.7 cm
68.3 cm
57.6 cm
50.8 cm
164.1 cm
132.4 cm
170.6 cm
231.6 cm
122.0 cm
156.1 cm
199.1 cm
138.7 cm
169.1 cm
128.4 cm
121.2 cm
117.9 cm
69.9 cm
189.3 cm
165.1 cm
161.1 cm
231.1 cm
144.9 cm
148.5 cm
108.5 cm
0 cm
100 cm
200 cm
300 cm
400 cm