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Chalet Genepi 10 in Serre-Chevalier , France image 2
Chalet Genepi 10 in Serre-Chevalier , France image 3
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Chalet Genepi 10

Serre-Chevalier, France
  • Catered Chalet
  • Sleeps 10
      , nights

      Sister to Chalet Genepi 12, Chalet Genepi 10 is built with the same style as it's sibling and both sit in their own private drive.

      Both chalets are South facing and offer stunning views of the city and the valley of the Durance.

      The area is located near the ancient walled city of Briançon, which since July 2008 has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

      This beautiful accommodation has four bedrooms sleeping ten people with five bathrooms.

      Built over three large floors this chalet features a relaxation room with sauna and balneo bath.

      Ground Floor

      • Relaxation room with sauna and Balneo bath
      • Access to underground garage for two vehicles

      First Floor

      • Living room
      • Kitchen
      • Dining area
      • Bedroom 1 with shower (double)
      • WC 1

      Second Floor

      • Bedroom 2 with shower (King double in round bed)
      • Bedroom 3 (double)
      • Bedroom 4 with shower (double)
      • Mezzanine (twin)
      • Bathroom shared use for Twin and Room 3

      Please Note

      Prices shown are per person based on full occupancy of the property. Usually, this property is only bookable on a full occupancy basis.

      Important Covid-19 refund promise

      In the event of cancellation due to a pandemic/COVID-19 this operator will refund 100% deposit if cancelled 60 days before your stay. We have the following alternatives.

      • A credit note/deferral to the value of your booking to be used within 24 months from the date of cancellation.
      • A refund of all monies paid by you save for a retention equal to 20% of the total price. If Covid-19 Restrictions no longer apply at the time your booked holiday was due to take place and we have been able to re-sell the accommodation to someone else, they will refund the retention.

      If the reason for wishing to cancel is a Covid-19 Restriction you may only do so within 7 days of your arrival date and you must inform us of this when you write to us providing details of the exact Covid-19 Restriction that you believe applies. If the operator accepts your cancellation due to a Covid-19 Restriction, please refer to the alternative options.

      If the reason for your cancellation falls within your insurance cover, you may be able to claim a refund of your cancellation charges from the insurance company less any applicable excess.

      If the operator cancel due to a Covid-19 Restriction the provisions that follow apply, also

      If your booking is cancelled as a result of a Covid-19 Restriction then we will, if possible, provide you with the following alternative options:

      • You will be issued with a credit note to the value of your booking payments to be used at a future date within 24 months from the date of cancellation, subject to availability. You will need to pay any unpaid balance, and you will need to pay the difference if the price for the new booking is higher. No refunds will be given for partial use of this credit note; or
      • A refund of all monies paid by you save for a retention equal to 20% of the total price. If Covid-19 Restrictions no longer apply at the time your booked holiday was due to take place and the operator has been able to re-sell the accommodation to someone else, we will refund the retention.

      Covid-19 Restrictions mean any of the following applying at the date of the notice of cancellation:

      • The Foreign & Commonwealth Office has advised against travel for British nationals to Serre Chevalier, the P.A.C.A region, or France in general; or
      • The UK Government has introduced quarantine requirements for travellers returning from Serre Chevalier, the P.A.C.A region, or France in general; or
      • The French Government has introduced quarantine measures for travellers from the UK; or
      • The French Government has introduced local or general lockdown measures which result in us being unable to operate.

      A copy of the full terms and conditions are available on request.

      Every morning this operator displays the evening's meal on our Menu du Jour board for your perusal. They understand not everyone's tastes are the same, so you have a chance to let chalet staff know before you leave for the day if you would like an alternative option.

      Catering for those with special dietary requirements such as vegetarians & vegans, guests with food allergies & intolerances is not a problem! They'll make sure that your meals are as delicious as another's.

      Breakfast Made for a King

      There is nothing like waking up to the aromas of freshly brewed coffee, the scent of bacon & a warm French baguette!

      As we all know "breakfast is the most important meal of the day"

      They have an extensive cooked breakfast menu that changes from day to day.

      Example Breakfast

      Eggs Benedict

      Perfectly poached eggs perched on top of a slice of cooked ham or wilted spinach with an English muffin base, drizzled in a light & creamy homemade hollandaise sauce


      Breakfast Burrito

      Creamy scrambled egg topped with sauteed chorizo, caramelised onions and peppers sprinkled with cheese, all bundled into a soft tortilla wrap.

      NB staff day off breakfast consists of cereals and juice

      Breakfast Options

      • Fresh french bread, toast, butter and preserves including jams, marmalade, peanut butter, marmite & Nutella
      • Freshly brewed coffee & tea - We also offer a selection of herbal teas & decaffeinated options
      • Yoghurts & fresh fruit
      • A variety of selected cereals from Coco Pops to Muesli
      • Fresh orange juice
      • Cooked Breakfast Option
      • Porridge *on request* served as it is or with cinnamon, apples, raisins & brown sugar

      Afternoon Delights

      Afternoon Tea is laid out for guests from 4pm - to tide you over till Dinner!

      • Fresh baguettes with butter & condiments
      • Freshly baked cake, cookies or scones
      • Hot brewed coffee & tea - herbal teas & decaffeinated options available
      • A selection of cordials
      • Fresh fruit bowl


      The evening meal consists of three delicious; well-balanced courses, served with unlimited wine.

      They will then offer you a variety of delicious French cheeses served with accompaniments & a warming glass of Port

      Sample Menu


      Wild mushroom risotto with a saffron, lemon & sage huile and a parmesan crisp (V)


      Main Courses

      Roasted pork in cider, thyme & garlic topped with slow roasted pork belly. Served with fondant potatoes, minted peas, an apricot, pear & herb confit & a cider jus.

      Mushroom Wellington - a tender medley of sautéed mushrooms in our own unique light madeira sauce baked in a golden pastry parcel (V)



      A homemade vanilla bean pannacotta served with blueberries & a lavender syrup. Topped with homemade honeycomb.

      Wine selection

      In 2014 this operator was lucky enough to get to know a fantastic friend... who had a friend *and so on* that introduced us to a contact in the Bordeaux vineyards. They are super pleased to say they now stock three fantastic red wines and a perfect all-rounder dry white wine from individuals in the Bordeaux and Bergerac areas. Great quality direct from the vineyard.

      Special Requirements

      If you have any dietary needs please tell us when you book. Chalet staff are more than happy to cater to your requirements as they enjoy a culinary challenge.

      Quite often your dish will be the envy of everyone at the dinner table

      Kids Meals

      Enjoy your bath in peace or read your book for an hour, whilst chalet staff wear the kids out with an early dinner and games! wheeeee!!! Then you will be ready to get sozzled and eat your din dins in peace!

      Example Children's Menu

      Main Courses

      Oven baked chicken breast with a creamy mash, steamed beans & carrots with a side of homemade onion gravy

      Homemade breaded fish fingers served with fresh oven baked potato chips & garden peas



      Homemade apple crumble topped with creamy custard

      Sticky toffee pudding with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

      They aim to provide your children with a nutritious delicious meal everyday so they are bouncing with energy for the slopes. They will keep it simple and steer clear of anything too rich or spicy. Please let us know if your little one has any strong dislikes.


      For anyone with worries right now with regards to holidays and Covid. We have some options for you.

      Service 1

      Our usual chalet service with the following alterations.

      1. Staff operate with masks always and mask and gloves when preparing food
      2. Staff operating minibus trips to and from the slopes wears a mask
      3. No clients to enter the kitchen
      4. No daily room service
      5. Super deep clean before and after your stay
      6. Stronger cleaning products to ensure the correct cleaning measures as recommended by the government
      7. Hand sanitiser in every room
      8. Temperature check for all clients once on arrival
      9. Temperature checks of staff before each shift
      10. Ventilation of chalet daily

      Service 2

      This is for if you are concerned about being in contact with staff and want to keep contact with others at a minimum

      1. 1. No in house chalet host
      2. Daily deliveries of continental breakfast including pastries, croissants and bread
      3. A stocked fridge of butter, milk, juice, jams, spreads, ham, cheeses and yoghurt
      4. Daily deliveries of afternoon tea cake and fresh bread
      5. Daily deliveries of a 3-course menu and cheese board
      6. A dry store of cordials, extra milk and juices, wine for dinner and port
      7. Assistance 24/7 should you need anything we are available to help
      8. Pre-ordered and delivered lift passes
      9. Pre-ordered and sanitised delivered ski hire waiting in the chalet when you arrive
      10. Hand sanitiser in every room
      Chalet Genepi 10 Serre-Chevalier Floor Plan 1Chalet Genepi 10 Serre-Chevalier Floor Plan 2

      Economy Ski Pack

      Perfect for entry level skiers looking for the best price. Refurbished equipment from the Sensation and Evolution categories.

      • Ski types: Skis downgraded from Sensation and Evolution ranges
      • Maximum age: 3 years
      • Package includes: Skis, boots and poles
      Atomic Nomad [S] Tune Plus

      Atomic Nomad [S] Tune Plus


      Economy Skis Only


      Evolution Ski Pack

      Entry level skis/snowboards perfect for those discovering the thrills of skiing on green and blue slopes. Manageable and reliable skis even on hard snow, that help you make progress whilst having fun.

      • Ski types: Slopes, Female, Snow blades
      • Snowboard types: Multipurpose
      • Boots: Good quality shoes for very good comfort
      • Maximum equipment age: 2 years
      • Package includes: Skis/snowboard, boots and poles
      Atomic Nomad [S] Tune Plus

      Atomic Nomad [S] Tune Plus

      Dynastar Active Easy

      Dynastar Active Easy

      Rossignol Sprayer

      Rossignol Sprayer

      Burton Ltr

      Burton Ltr


      Evolution Skis Only


      Performance Ski Pack

      For all skiers at home on all types of slopes and snow. Comfortable, higher-performance skis/snowboards that guarantee stability and grip even at full speed.

      • Ski types: Slips, All mounting, Female
      • Snowboard types: All mountain, Freestyle
      • Boots: Good quality shoes for a good support
      • Maximum equipment age: 2 years
      • Package includes: Skis/snowboards, boots and poles
      Salomon X-Drive 75 Sti

      Salomon X-Drive 75 Sti

      Head Absolut Joy S

      Head Absolut Joy S

      Rossignol Smash 7

      Rossignol Smash 7

      Burton Progression

      Burton Progression


      Performance Skis Only


      Excellence Ski Pack

      For the most demanding and experienced skiers. The highest quality skis for every terrain, both on-slope and off.

      • Ski types: Racing World Cup, Piste, All mountain, Free ride, Female
      • Boots: Hi quality and technical shoes for very good support
      • Maximum equipment age: 1 year
      • Package includes: Skis, boots and poles
      Salomon X–Drive 8.3

      Salomon X–Drive 8.3

      Rossignol Experience 84 CA

      Rossignol Experience 84 CA

      Atomic Cloud Eleven Arc

      Atomic Cloud Eleven Arc


      Excellence Skis Only


      Adult Helmet Hire


      Junior Champion Ski Pack Inc Helmet (Under 12)

      For children 8-11 years at the 3-star or higher, as well as for older kids 12-13 years old at any level. Booking helmets is highly recommended it for beginners and children.

      • Ski types: high-quality skis (Racing skis, Twin tip skis)
      • Snowboard types: Junior
      • Maximum equipment age: 3 years
      • Package includes: Skis/Snowboard, boots and poles
      Rossignol Hero Junior Multi-Event

      Rossignol Hero Junior Multi-Event

      Burton Ltr-Kids

      Burton Ltr-Kids


      Espoir Ski Pack Inc Helmet (Under 12)


      Mini Kids Ski Pack Inc Helmet (3 - 5)

      Perfect for kids under 6, to safely carve their first turns. Helmets are highly recommended for children.

      • Ski types: Junior
      • Package includes: Skis, boots and poles
      Rossignol Roostie

      Rossignol Roostie

      Rossignol Princess

      Rossignol Princess


      Prices & Availability

      PP - Price per person based on full occupancy