Alpenhotel St Christoph, Austria

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St Christoph, Austria
  • Half Board Hotel
  • Sleeps 50
      , nights

      Set your sights on something truly special! There’s no better way of putting it.

      A holiday in St. Christoph at 1,800 metres above sea level will give you a unique opportunity to discover the multi-faceted wonders of the Arlberg. It is here that you will gain an immediate experience of the real fun of skiing. Sport, fun, relaxation and enjoyment - in the most beautiful and refined setting.

      And if that’s not enough for you, we’ll cap it all with culinary delights of the highest quality, beneficial Wellness, an unbeatable ambience and first-class service – we really know how to inspire our guests.

      It doesn’t matter what pleasures you have finally decided on: your holiday with us will be 100% unique and unforgettable.

      Dining room

      Almost wickedly good. Our excellent chefs work with a passion to excel themselves every day. The often very extensive preparation finds its culmination in a sensuous ceremony of eating pleasure.

      It’s a matter of quality and perfection – and you can taste it!


      The secret lies in the wood of the panelling: a thoroughly natural product that, unlike any other, generates a warmth and sense of being safe and sound. And it is only this love of detail which creates genuine, old-fashioned cosiness.


      On intimate terms with wild animals? In our Hirsch lounge you will not run any risk of hurting yourself or getting lost in the woods. A relaxed and convivial atmosphere is the best setting to pull someone’s leg and exchange all manner of cock and bull stories.

      Chimney Lounge

      Bon viveurs enjoying themselves. Reflective relaxation and serenity. Simply lean back and enjoy the moment. With one draw of breath you can take a detached view of the everyday. Everything that’s been weighing you down is transformed into a little whiff which dissolves in the air.


      It is not unusual for what was meant to be a quick drink to turn out to be the starting signal for a long evening.

      That applies to the bar, the drinks and the guests. When everything gels, time itself seems to be imbued with a liquid quality. How many glasses of time might you yet imbibe?

      Prices & Availability

      PP - Price per person based on full occupancy


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