Why do ski holiday prices increase after fresh snowfall?

7th November 2017

As travel agents, we hate the fact that prices can increase after we have quoted our clients, but after this weekend’s massive snow dump, several key tour operators have increased their previously low prices by up to £100 per person for December and January holidays.

The above chart shows lots more snowfall is on the way.

The days of a ski holiday price printed in a brochure and being available have all but disappeared, the prices printed these days are as a guide only. The price you pay for your holiday is dictated by demand and demand is stimulated by fresh snowfall!

We therefore watch the snow forecasts and when we tell you that you need to book it now, or quickly, we mean it! It’s not a slick sales close to make you book, its so that you pay the best price for your skiing holiday before the prices rise!

Unlike some of our competitors, we are not a pushy sales company, we rely on our clients coming back to us year after year, we do this by giving good advice and honest advice.

Right now, our advice is if you are serious about booking a skiing holiday this December or January do it now and do it fast, the best ski chalets and hotels will always be the first to get booked and prices will only increase and supply falls and demand increases.

We are updating the prices and availability of skiing holidays available on this website up to 4 times a day, so if you spot a skiing holiday you want, there is a very good chance you can book it immediately, but if you dither, someone else will book it!