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Snowboarders Chased By Aggressive Bull Moose In Breckenridge

25th January 2019

This video, filmed in the popular Colorado ski resort of Breckenridge last Sunday, shows a large bull moose approach and then charge a crowd of skiers and snowboarders. Thankfully there were no reports of injuries.

“We got charged by a moose on our snowboards today!” Drogsvold wrote on Facebook. She said the moose chased them for a half a mile “with no signs of letting up.”

“I ducked into a tree well because I was losing speed and he was closing in on me fast. I hid behind the tree until the coast was clear,” Drogsvold wrote. She said another friend “had just enough speed to outrun the big boy to town.” She added: “But damn, was so intense!”

A large adult male Moose can reach a weight of over 500kg. There are generally peaceful but can turn aggressive when they feel threatened.

This film is defiantly real unlike the video posted a few years ago reporting to show a mountain lion sitting at the side of piste in Utah.

This video was widely reported to have been photoshopped but had nearly half a million views.

Please send us any unusual footage you film while on your skiing holidays

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