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Club Med Tignes

Tignes, France
  • All Inclusive
  • Sleeps 200
  • Flights included
  • Transfers included
, nights

In the centre of the liveliest part of the Tignes ski resort, in Val Claret, the new Club Med Tignes Resort brings sparkle to the mountains. Here, sport and adrenalin come together in this amazing ski area suited to every skill level. The ambiance is happy and family friendly, right down to the decor where the colours and patterns add pizazz to the traditional mountain features. Elevate your holiday by immersing yourself in the comfort of the Suites in the Exclusive Collection Space and making the most of the personalised concierge service.

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The vibrant decor of the rooms reflects this cheerful, family-friendly mountain Resort. Here, bare wood blends with artfully with the colourful patterns of the design. The rooms are like real cosy little nests where it's a joy to take refuge after a day in the great outdoors.


Family Superior Room - Balcony

  • Single Room: 34 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 4 people

With two sleeping spaces separated by a shared bathroom, this room is well suited to families. The many storage options and welcoming decor make this room the perfect living space for a holiday in the mountains.

Superior Room

  • Single Room: 24 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 3 people

The geometric patterns, the wood and the colours make the room a modern welcoming space. The numerous storage options make life easier.

Interconnecting Superior Rooms

  • Connecting Rooms: 48 - 53 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 5 people

This bedroom layout is perfect for families, combining a large space and total comfort. The patterns and colours create a modern feel, and the wood adds to the Resort's mountain-themed decor.

Superior Room - Balcony

  • Single Room: 24 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 3 people

The headboard coated in redwood stain and the colourful patterns of the carpet and cushions create a modern comfortable room. Make the most of your furnished balcony and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Interconnecting Superior Rooms - Balcony

  • Connecting Rooms: 48 - 53 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 5 people

Families in search of space and comfort will like this layout. The decor of the bedrooms offers a harmonious blend of the colourful patterns of the carpet and the bare wood of the storage units. The balconies allow guests to enjoy the outdoor space.

Superior Room - Balcony Interconnecting with Superior Room

  • Connecting Rooms: 48 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 4 people

The indoor space and the outdoor space of the balcony make this layout the perfect solution for families. The colours are in total harmony with the patterns and the materials provide charm and warmth.

Superior Room - Mobility Accessible

  • Single Room: 24 - 29 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 3 people

The blue, red and yellow colours of the patterns in the room create a joyful atmosphere. The room has a welcoming feel created by the wooden headboard and numerous storage facilities. The space is designed for people with reduced mobility.

Superior Room - Mobility Accessible - Balcony

  • Single Room: 24 - 34 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 4 people

Featuring a furnished balcony, the room provides modern convenience combined with a cheerful contemporary decor with an alpine feel, featuring wood and geometric patterns. The space is suitable for people with reduced mobility.


Deluxe Room

  • Single Room: 29 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 2 people

Bare wood, shades of grey and yellow, plus the patterns make up a harmonious blend that is both modern and welcoming. The space is generous and features a seating area in front of the large picture windows and the furnished balcony.

Interconnecting Deluxe Rooms

  • Connecting Rooms: 58 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 4 people

A real cosy nest for families in search of space, comfort and softness. Balconies, seating area, large armchairs... everything here is designed for relaxation and the pleasure of being together.

Family Deluxe Room

  • Single Room: 34 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 4 people

For families in search of a cosy, comfy spot with added style, this room comprises two separate sleeping spaces. The parents have their own seating area. The harmony of the colour scheme and materials creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Deluxe Room Interconnecting with Superior Room - Balcony

  • Connecting Rooms: 53 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 5 people

The children have their own colourful bedroom with lots of storage space, while the parents have a cosy nest with its own seating area where they can kick back and recharge their batteries. Both rooms have furnished balconies where guests can enjoy the pure mountain air.

Deluxe Room Interconnecting with Superior Room

  • Connecting Rooms: 53 - 58 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 5 people

Here, parents and children share different spaces. The parents have a large cosy bedroom with a seating area, big armchairs and a balcony. The children have a more colourful bedroom with large storage spaces.

Deluxe Room - Mobility Accessible

  • Single Room: 29 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 2 people

The generous space of this bedroom, decorated in soft colours, is particularly suitable for people with reduced mobility. The seating area in front of the picture windows and furnished balcony add the perfect finishing touch to this cosy nest.


Exclusive Collection Space Family Suite - with view

  • Single Room: 70 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 4 people

The balance of the colourful patterns in the decor and the untreated materials creates an extremely stylish mountain world. The space is large, much to the delight of kids and grown-ups, with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms*. Everyone can get together in the living room or on the balcony to admire the view.

*including one shower room

Exclusive Collection Space Suite - with view

  • Single Room: 50 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 2 people

When traditional mountain style blends with a more contemporary design, the mix promises elegance and comfort. The Suite offers plenty of space and elevates the furniture, materials and colours. All you have to do is make the most of the living room, the large bathroom and the view.

Exclusive Collection Space Family Suite

  • Connecting Rooms: 70 m²
  • Maximum capacity: 4 people

Families in search of elegance, space and comfort will love this stunning Suite. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms*, a balcony and a living room make up this high-end living space. The contemporary furniture, the wood and the colourful patterns create a harmonious environment that it's a pleasure to snuggle up in.

*including one shower room


Children's Clubs

Age Name Included Activities On demand activities Dates Available
2 to 3 years Petit Club Med®* Evening, Show time, Creative workshops, Early learning, Walks "Learning to ski and the pleasures of snow" course Always
4 to 10 years Mini Club Med Alpin Ski group lessons by ESF instructors, Evening, Snowboard lessons by ESF instructors, Show time Always
11 to 17 years Junior Club Med Alpin Ski group lessons by ESF instructors, Teens Multi Snow Sports Programme, Snowboard lessons by ESF instructors, Show time Always

Children's activities

Age included activities
2 to 3 years Club Med Amazing Family!, Pool free access, Family show time, Family "Big Snack"
4 to 10 years Club Med Amazing Family!, Pool free access, Family show time, Family "Big Snack"
11 to 17 years Club Med Amazing Family!, Pool free access, Family show time, Family "Big Snack"

Children's Services

Age Included activities & facilities On demand activities & facilities
0 to 2 years Club Med Baby Welcome
2 to 3 years Easy Arrival Evening service, Babysitting
4 to 10 years Easy Arrival Babysitting
11 to 17 years Easy Arrival


Winter Sports

Alpine Ski School

At 2100 metres above sea level, winter sports rule supreme. Make the most of our excellent facilities. Tignes Val d’Isère has 300 kilometres of slopes and exceptional snow coverage. Confident skiers can try the untouched snow away from the pistes, under the watchful eye of their expert ESF instructor.

Included activities

Group Ski lessons by ESF instructors

  • Lessons for all levels (French / English)
  • Duration: 5 days from Monday to Friday


  • Groups, no larger than 12 people, are formed based on ski levels. The ESF instructor will teach beginners how to ski and be a guide on the slopes for intermediate and advanced skiers. Lessons are twice a day, morning and afternoon, from Monday to Friday.
  • Beginners: First time skiers looking to learn how to ski.
  • Class 1: For intermediate skiers who are able to control their speed and turn.
  • Class 2: For intermediate skiers who can ski on red slopes at a reasonable speed.
  • Class 3: For advanced skiers who can ski comfortably at fast speeds on all slopes.


  • Groups are formed between 12 – 15 kids and the lessons are safely supervised by two professional ski instructors.
  • Group: 12 participants maximum
  • Age: Starting from 4 years
  • At Mini Club Med®: 4 years old. In group classes with adults: 12 years old.

Snowboard School

  • The snow of your dreams and 300 kilometres of iconic pistes: Tignes Val d’Isère is a winter sports paradise. Why not try something new and take up snowboarding? With your boots and board securely fastened, get your balance and slowly make your way downhill. Once you're feeling confident, you can try a few jumps in the snowpark.

Included activities

Snowboard lessons by ESF instructors

  • Lessons for all levels (French / English)
  • Duration: 5 days from Monday to Friday

Adults lessons :

  • Class 1: you never surfed, or only a few hours.
  • Class 2: you can turned both sides.
  • Class 3: you control speed and direction.
  • Class 4: you control my speed and direction on all form of snow, all terrains.

Children snowboard lessons, from 8 years old, at certain dates.

  • Group: 12 participants maximum
  • Age: Starting from 12 years

In group classes with adults from 12 years old, all season. As a regular activity at Mini Club Med® from 8 years old, at certain dates only: From 20 December 2021 to 29 January 2022. From 7 February to 5 March 2022. From 14 March to 19 March 2022. From 28 March to 30 April 2022.

Ski Pro Shop

A team of professional ski and mountain G.O®s can advise you about the perfect equipment for your age, level and ski conditions. Their main priority is your safety and comfort.

At the Ski Pro-Shop, you can rent skis, buy protective gear and get your own equipment maintained (repairs, waxing).

Throughout your stay, you have the best experts in winter sports at your disposal and you're with one of the best stocked equipment rental companies in the business.

Included activities

Easy Arrival

  • Enjoy winter sports from the moment you arrive.
  • No more queues to collect your equipment, register for lessons or enrol your children at the Children's Clubs.
  • Simply enter your details online and your G.O®s will get everything ready for when you arrive! Everything is taken care of, so you can relax into your holidays.

Ski Room

Duration: All days from 7am to 9pm

Morning and evening, this is a must for all skiers and snowboarders. At the start of the day, you will find your boots and your skis in your own locker. Before leaving, you can also recharge your batteries in a cosy corner with self-serve hot drinks, juices and pastries. Once you've left the Ski Room, slip on your skis and go straight to your course or a ski lift. In the evening, you can come back with your skis on your feet.

Land Sports

Yoga by Heberson

Vibhava Yoga means "evolution" in Sanskrit. And this is what is promised by this method developed by Heberson. Group lessons, workshops and specific sessions: a special Yoga experience in an exceptional setting.


Included activities

Training Soft

  • Group lessons for all levels
  • Gentle ways to take care of yourself. In the morning, activate your body with a muscle wake-up session. Work your deep muscles with Pilates. To finish the day, find some calm with a little stretching.
  • Age: Starting from 16 years

High Intensity Training

  • Group lessons for all levels
  • Keep up your exercise routine and improve your physical condition with muscle building and cardio classes. Focus on the core muscles with the exercises in the Core Training session. If you like to push your limits, especially in cardio, join the Circuit Training course.
  • Age: Starting from 16 years


  • Group lessons for all levels
  • Pedal an indoor bike and push your limits. Alternate climbs and sprints while controlling the intensity. Work out and improve your respiratory capacity.
  • Age: Starting from 16 years



After exhilarating days, rev up for exciting nights. Enjoy the warm, intimate ambiance of your resort. Begin your evening to the rhythmic sounds of music and relax as you enjoy activities served up by your G.O.s®. Keep the party going in the bar as you dance and celebrate the joys of

Swimming Pool

Open-air, indoor, heated, infinity or with a mountain view: you'll want to head straight for our pools. Perhaps you want to spend time alone, with a partner or with your nearest and dearest: the choice is yours. Come and cool off, have fun, swim or relax after a sport-filled day.


Le Val Claret

Like a walk in the mountains, our main restaurant Le Val Claret offers an invitation to explore the resort and local and international flavours. Le Hameau, Le Sentier, L’Atelier and Le Lac (for families) are all spaces that make up this unique place that symbolises togetherness and diversity. From the cuisines of the world to local specialities, the buffet offers something to please everyone.

Gourmet Lounge Le Solstice

As its name suggests, the Gourmet Lounge celebrates the Summer Solstice with bonfires that light up the mountains every year. The subtle lighting creates an atmosphere that is both welcoming and sparkling, ideal for enjoying refined cuisine. The stone-clad wine cellar offers a selection of original regional wines.

Open for late lunches, at the sacred hour of teatime and in the evening for dinner served at your table by reservation.



This is the nerve centre of the Resort, where, depending on the time of day, the cosy atmosphere gives way to a party ambiance and stunning shows. The colours, the patterns, the bare wood and stone create an energising mountain world. Get together around the fireplace to share good times or take in the view through the huge picture windows - there's nothing better than relaxing in the comfortable armchairs of L'Equinoxe.


Club Med Spa

Entrust your body and mind to the savoir-faire of the G.Os® who will be entirely dedicated to you. They offer you a genuine relaxation experience, combining gentleness and expertise. Your senses will be gently awakened to the fragrances of our high-quality creams, selected specially for you.

Kids & Teen Spa

Club Med Spa proposes a special teen spa. Specific beauty treatments are proposed at certain times, to introduce them to the World of Wellness. A great experience to share with girlfriends, Mum, or on your own.
Age: Starting from 6 years
How to book: In resort only

Spa Menu

Give yourself a boost with this selection of treatments and massages which can be booked online.

On demand activities

Wellness Treatments

Treat yourself to a bubble of absolute well-being during your stay. Discover a whole range of beauty and relaxation treatments on site.

  • Treatments: Depending on your wishes, you can enjoy a relaxing body massage or a face and body treatment to give you a beauty boost. Recharge your batteries in a cocoon of softness and take some time out just for yourself.
  • Age: Starting from 18 years
  • How to book: In resort only

Club Med Ski Rental Prices

Although we offer, probably the best deals for ski rental via our partner Ski Set, the convenience of renting Club Med’s ski is what most of our clients booking a Club Med skiing holiday choose.

The skis, snowboards and boots are generally are brand new for the season and excellent quality brands. Children’s helmets are always Free of charge.

2022/2023 Season
Ski Hire Adult Cost (12yrs+) Child Cost (4-11yrs)
Beginner Ski – Leisure £86 -
Intermediate Skis – Sport £112 £57
Advanced Skis – Performance £128 £77
Expert Skis – Prestige £163 -
Advanced Snowboard – Performance £128 -
Snowboard – Sport £112 £67
Snowboard Boots £55 £45
Standard Ski Boots £55 £46
Prestige Ski Boots £72 -
Adult Helmet £26 -
Child Helmet - Free

Important Covid-19 refund promise


Departures up until the 31st December 2021 will follow the international travel system with a flexible policy as follows:

Between 90 days and 8 days:

Red destination - Customers can change their destination and date without paying an amendment fee on the land part if the new departure date is before 30th April 2022 (if the new departure is after the 30th April 2022, normal cancellation fees apply).

Airline T&Cs apply

Non-red list destinations - If you cancel/amend your booking, our normal T&Cs apply.

Less than 8 days prior to departure:

Red destination - If the destination remains on the red list, you will be entitled to a Refund Credit Note (RCN) to either rebook for a later date (to a new date up to 12 months after your original departure date with no amendment fee) or to claim a full refund.

Non-red destinations - If the destination remains off the red list 7 days before departure, you can travel and our normal booking conditions apply.


If your holiday has been cancelled due to Covid-19, you will receive a Refund Credit Note (RCN)

Club Med’s RCNs are valid until 31st January 2022 (for bookings without flights) and 30th September 2021 (for bookings with flights), in accordance with our ABTA bond.

The RCN scheme has been devised by ABTA and is in line with European Commission guidance in responding to this unprecedented crisis.

A RCN entitles you to rebook a holiday at a future date or receive a cash refund at or before the expiry date of the RCN. A RCN preserves the rights above, so please do not be concerned that you are waiving any of your rights when you receive an RCN.

A RCN also retains the financial protection that you had with your original booking with ABTA/ATOL as applicable.

• If we cancel your trip due to Covid-19 you will receive a RCN.

• If you cancel your trip due to Covid-19, you will receive a RCN, provided such cancellation was necessary in view of recommended FCO/Government advice.

• If you decide to cancel your trip for any other reason or in relation to travel for which there is no clear government guidance or FCO travel prohibition (eg cancelling scheduled travel after 15th June 2020 or cancelling for other personal reasons), Club Med’s normal Booking Conditions will apply, including our standard cancellation policy.

Our first priority now is to ensure that all customers receive RCNs as quickly as possible, to ensure that they, and the money they have paid us, are properly protected. Whilst most of our Customers will have already received RCNs, the sheer volume of customers affected by cancellations resulting from the Covid-19 crisis, the ongoing nature of the crisis (which has resulted in additional cancellations), together with additional challenges of our offices being closed, lack of access to certain systems and our entire team working from home, will inevitably result in delays.

Once all RCNs are in place, we shall turn our attention to re-bookings and refunds. Please bear with us, we are doing our best in very difficult circumstances.

If you would like to rebook your holiday to a later holiday or a different package, please note all changes necessary due to Covid-19 will be made free of charge.

If you would prefer to receive a refund for the sums you have paid, please bear with us whilst we process refunds in order. This will take some time, for the many reasons outlined above. We regret that we cannot prioritise some customers over others in this process, apart from NHS staff providing us with evidence of current NHS employment.


If you would like to use your Refund Credit Note to rebook another holiday, you may rebook the same holiday for different dates or a different holiday entirely. It’s your choice!

If your original holiday booking had a scheduled departure date in either March or April, you may rebook for a holiday departing any time up to and including 30th April 2022.

For May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December departures, rebooking your holiday, including rebooking flights with the original airline, up to 12 months after the original date of travel.

Please note that flights should be booked with the original airline. If you need to book flights with a different airline, there may be an additional cost.

*Please note that for packages which do not include transport, the relevant date is the date of ‘arrival’ in resort, not ‘departure’ of flight or other transport from the UK.


At Club Med, we are committed to protecting our guests and making sure you can enjoy the dream holiday you've been waiting for. It is more important than ever to offer security to our valued customers, this is why we have updated the medical assistance cover included in our all-inclusive holidays. All stays departing until December 2022 are covered by this new Covid-19 insurance.

What is covered:

  • All of your medical costs abroad will be covered, including repatriation.
  • In the event of hospitalization, in addition to your medical costs, ancillary services will be covered such as accommodation costs for your accompanying persons.
  • In the event of quarantine being required (linked to illness), the costs of extension to the Resort are taken into account.
  • If you miss the scheduled return flight: the assistance centre will take care of and organise a new return flight according to the requirements established by the medical team.

What is not covered:

The consequences of global Covid-19 situations in the country where the Resort is located, such as:

  • Closure of borders: by region/by city/closure of the airport/cancellation of a flight/closure of the Village…
  • Interruption of stay : following the declaration of a state of health emergency.
  • Quarantine at destination, without being sick.

A copy of the full terms and conditions are available on request.

Club Med has built its reputation on the quality of its food, unlike in a chalet, all the chefs working at Club Med are fully trained chefs. We will try and give you an idea of what you can expect, but with Club Med the choices are endless and are designed to cater for all nationalities to stay at their hotels.

Families with fussy children love Club Med, the choices are so varied and wide, even the fussiest dinner will find a perfect meal.

All food and drink are included in the cost of your holiday, these include cocktails served at the bar night and day and snacks throughout the day and of course includes the three main meals of the day.

Breakfast choices include cooked:

  • Full English which will include sausage, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.
  • Continental style breakfast, freshly baked croissants, jams etc.
  • Cold meats and cheese and choice of breads
  • Fruit juices, milk shakes, coffee, and a wide choice of teas

Lunch choices include

Always an expensive part of a ski holiday but not with Club Med as it’s included.  The choices are endless

Massive choice of starters:

  • Cooked steaks, beef, lamb, fish dishes etc.
  • Freshly cooked vegetables
  • Huge choices of deserts
  • Unlimited table wine

(If your Club Med hotel is ski in ski out you come back to the hotel for lunch, if your hotel isn’t ski in ski out, Club Med will have a mountain restaurant exclusively for Club Med guests) Please ask us for details

Evening meal

Before dinner is served canapés will be served in the bar area

The evening meal is what a Club Med holiday is all about, it would be impossible for us to list all the choices here, but dishes will come from all corners of the world and will include, Savoyard inspired dishes, Asian dishes, French dishes. We have even been served oysters and lobster. They could be perhaps 20+ choices of desert and a huge selection of starters.  Wine is unlimited a choice of several reds, whites and rose wines are available

Economy Ski Pack

Perfect for entry level skiers looking for the best price. Refurbished equipment from the Sensation and Evolution categories.

  • Ski types: Skis downgraded from Sensation and Evolution ranges
  • Maximum age: 3 years
  • Package includes: Skis, boots and poles
Atomic Nomad [S] Tune Plus

Atomic Nomad [S] Tune Plus


Economy Skis Only


Evolution Ski Pack

Entry level skis/snowboards perfect for those discovering the thrills of skiing on green and blue slopes. Manageable and reliable skis even on hard snow, that help you make progress whilst having fun.

  • Ski types: Slopes, Female, Snow blades
  • Snowboard types: Multipurpose
  • Boots: Good quality shoes for very good comfort
  • Maximum equipment age: 2 years
  • Package includes: Skis/snowboard, boots and poles
Atomic Nomad [S] Tune Plus

Atomic Nomad [S] Tune Plus

Dynastar Active Easy

Dynastar Active Easy

Rossignol Sprayer

Rossignol Sprayer

Burton Ltr

Burton Ltr


Evolution Skis Only


Performance Ski Pack

For all skiers at home on all types of slopes and snow. Comfortable, higher-performance skis/snowboards that guarantee stability and grip even at full speed.

  • Ski types: Slips, All mounting, Female
  • Snowboard types: All mountain, Freestyle
  • Boots: Good quality shoes for a good support
  • Maximum equipment age: 2 years
  • Package includes: Skis/snowboards, boots and poles
Salomon X-Drive 75 Sti

Salomon X-Drive 75 Sti

Head Absolut Joy S

Head Absolut Joy S

Rossignol Smash 7

Rossignol Smash 7

Burton Progression

Burton Progression


Performance Skis Only


Excellence Ski Pack

For the most demanding and experienced skiers. The highest quality skis for every terrain, both on-slope and off.

  • Ski types: Racing World Cup, Piste, All mountain, Free ride, Female
  • Boots: Hi quality and technical shoes for very good support
  • Maximum equipment age: 1 year
  • Package includes: Skis, boots and poles
Salomon X–Drive 8.3

Salomon X–Drive 8.3

Rossignol Experience 84 CA

Rossignol Experience 84 CA

Atomic Cloud Eleven Arc

Atomic Cloud Eleven Arc


Excellence Skis Only


Adult Helmet Hire


Junior Champion Ski Pack Inc Helmet (Under 12)

For children 8-11 years at the 3-star or higher, as well as for older kids 12-13 years old at any level. Booking helmets is highly recommended it for beginners and children.

  • Ski types: high-quality skis (Racing skis, Twin tip skis)
  • Snowboard types: Junior
  • Maximum equipment age: 3 years
  • Package includes: Skis/Snowboard, boots and poles
Rossignol Hero Junior Multi-Event

Rossignol Hero Junior Multi-Event

Burton Ltr-Kids

Burton Ltr-Kids


Espoir Ski Pack Inc Helmet (Under 12)


Mini Kids Ski Pack Inc Helmet (3 - 5)

Perfect for kids under 6, to safely carve their first turns. Helmets are highly recommended for children.

  • Ski types: Junior
  • Package includes: Skis, boots and poles
Rossignol Roostie

Rossignol Roostie

Rossignol Princess

Rossignol Princess


Prices & Availability

PP - Price per person based on full occupancy