Organising A Successful Group Ski Trip

14th December 2023

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Organising A Successful Group Ski Trip

If you ask 10 people which ski resort they would like to go to on a group trip you are in danger of getting 10 different answers. Some groups like to decide by a sort of committee, but this can also result in a great deal of discussion and negotiation with people pushing their own particular favourite area.

Some believe the best way is to appoint a leader/organiser who makes the decisions on destination and accommodation, draws up an itinerary and costings, and then circulates it so that people can get on board – or not as the case may be.

Whichever way you decide to go, organising a successful group ski and snowboard trip requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some tips to ensure everyone has a wonderful time.

Communication and Planning

Communication and Planning

Plan your trip as far as you can in advance to ensure availability and better deals on accommodation, transportation, equipment hire, and lift tickets.

It doesn’t matter if your group is large or small it is important to establish clear communications that can be accessed by everybody. The growth of online messaging apps has made this much simpler. For example, you can create an email database, Facebook, or WhatsApp, group chat to keep everyone informed about trip details, updates, and any changes in plans. Using online tools and apps usually also means you can see who has read or opened messages so you can chase up stragglers.


Choose accommodations that suit the needs and preferences of the entire group. Some may prefer the convenience of ski-in/ski-out lodging, while others may feel the only way they can attend is if there are budget-friendly options.



For bigger groups, an all-inclusive holiday in a large or club hotel ensures all meal options and dietary requirements are covered. There are usually other attractions such as gyms, swimming pools, and spa facilities or treatments, for those who want to take a break from the slopes – or those who don’t ski or snowboard but want to be part of the group holiday. All-inclusive is also an attractive option for large groups which include family members of all ages, and the all-in cost also helps people know how much the holiday is going to cost from the start.

Catered chalets

Catered chalets

A catered chalet holiday, when a group takes over the entire accommodation, can provide a more exclusive feel and a more intimate atmosphere to enjoy as part of the trip. Chalet hosts are on hand to take care of the party’s group or individual needs and provide information on the resort.

Self-catered chalets

Alternatively, a chalet where a group can do its own thing catering-wise creates more of a house party feel. For example, in a group of say six couples, each couple can take it in turn to buy and cook the evening meal, plus you can have one night out together enjoying the local cuisine in one of the resort’s restaurants.

The self-catering chalet is an ideal way to have the facilities of superior accommodation at a reasonable cost.



For groups with budget restrictions, there are many self-catering apartment options where participants can choose between two, four, or six-bed accommodation to cater for couples, families, or groups of friends, usually in the same place.

Whenever possible, find accommodation that provides adequate space for the group such as communal areas or games rooms for socialising, or if in self-catering apartments, a convenient nearby bar or café where everyone can meet up.

Get into gear

Get into gear

If members of the group need to hire equipment, make arrangements in advance to ensure availability and to save time on the day of arrival. Resort hire shops can sometimes be persuaded to put a set time aside to deal exclusively with a large group. Filling in an online form with details of shoe size, ability, etc, will also save loads of time.

This can also apply before you leave for your trip. For large groups, ski and snowboard stores in the UK will often agree to put on special evenings when beginners can get advice on, and purchase, clothing, and the more experienced can update their ski and snowboard wardrobe. These stores can also offer discounted rates to groups.


Consider scheduling group lessons for beginners or those looking to improve their skills. These lessons can be a fun and social way for everyone to learn together, help build friendships, and they provide plenty of fodder for stories to tell over dinner.

Ski and snowboard instructors will also emphasise safety guidelines and mountain rules, especially for those who may be less experienced on the slopes. Away from the lessons, agree on meeting points in case members of the group get separated and have a plan for emergencies.


And then there is the big question… which resort to choose? Groups often have their favourites and go back to the same place year after year. This is because the organisers know the resort, where to stay, where to eat etc, and familiarity can provide a feeling of comfort.

There are others who like to try different places or people and clubs who are organising a ski and snowboard trip for the first time.

Whatever the case, organisers must recognise that not everyone in the group has the same skill level or interests. Plan activities that cater to a variety of preferences, such as different difficulty levels of slopes, snowshoeing, or spa days for those who prefer a break from the slopes.

One of the attractions of groups is meeting up for, lunch, après ski or dinner, to discuss the day’s activities over a drink or two.

…and finally

My own advice for organising a group trip and choosing the right resort is, to consult a specialist ski agency like Ski Line. By giving them information on the ski and snowboard level of your group members, a budget, and the type of trip you are looking for, they have the knowledge to provide you with a series of options to suit your needs and the number of people in your group, whether it is large or small. Plus, they will be aware of any discounts and money saving offers that are available to groups.

Organisers can then choose one of the suggestions or put two or three options provided by the specialists to a vote.

Group skiing and snowboarding, more often than not, create a great atmosphere of camaraderie whether you all hit the slopes together or split up into smaller groups based on ability.

But be prepared for a change in weather conditions and individual preferences can vary. Having a mix of possible planned and optional activities ensures that everyone can enjoy the trip in their own way.

Organising A Successful Group Ski Trip: A Summary

Organizing a group ski trip involves diverse preferences, with decisions often posing challenges. While some prefer committee decisions, others opt for a designated leader. Clear communication and early planning are key for better deals and accommodations that suit everyone’s needs. Choices range from all-inclusive resorts to catered or self-catered chalets and apartments. Pre-booking equipment and arranging group lessons are beneficial. Deciding on a resort requires considering varying skill levels and interests. Ski Line can help tailor options and discounts to suit your group’s needs.

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